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13/6/2009 [7.41pm]

sok da naek skula balek..
aq xtwu npe aq rse cm takot nk naek skola..
cm xsedap ati..
asl er?
ntah la..
cume tuhan je twu..

btw, i have a nice holiday..
now i knoe how it feel going a wonderful date..
full of joys..

i also knoe how it feels 2 work..
i have done my work..
but not my home work..

i've got my laptop back..
ow it feel like im at heaven..
my laptop is my life..
without it i felt like,
i gonna die soon..
hehe..not really!
jus kidding..
i jus feel not too happy without my laptop..

thats only for today..

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