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Big Bang Ingredient?

Hey, guys. I've been wandering around the net and found this. based on the writing, I'm telling you, they know what they are talking about. they make you think and agree. Even you might against it coz you love them to death, but you really think back. I swear it's true :)


G-Dragon is the main reason that Big Bang can set itself apart from most K-pop acts. There’s been a lot said about him being the most overrated artist in K-pop, but I don’t think that’s true. When it’s all said and done is there any other current K-pop artist that has written more hit songs than G-Dragon? No. His voice isn’t the greatest, but he makes it work, he’s got major swag, fashion sense, and can work a stage like few others. He said before that he doesn’t like being called a musical genius and I think I can understand why. If he were a genius everything musically would come to him easily, but it didn’t. I think G-Dragon is successful because he worked damn hard with what talent he had because he was following his dreams.

TOP is a gem because no matter what, when he steps on a stage he brings the mad charisma and when he speaks… ah, a voice like no other. TOP is definitely the wild one in Big Bang and even though he’s the hyung he wasn’t encumbered by the responsibilities of being the leader which fell to G-Dragon. He brings the mischievousness to Big Bang. As for TOP’s dancing skills… ah really at the level he’s at now and being a rapper–does he really have to dance?

Daesung is the heart of Big Bang. His smile and voice lights up the stage for Big Bang. His voice is seriously awesome- he’s got great range, tone, and strength. I seriously think he could handle any of the singing parts in their songs if he had too. His voice adds such great dimension and depth to their songs. He’s the most lovable and humorous, and is the most compassionate of the group.

Taeyang I think is the rock of the group. He’s the calm, strong, and steady one that they can all rely on to hold the group together. His voice is good and he has a great persona on stage. His and Seungri’s vocals are very similar and could probably be sung by either of them. He’s probably the best dancer, although the competition between him and Seungri is pretty tight.

Seungri, you know I’ve come to appreciate Seungri. He’s like everyone’s bratty little brother and has a drive for success like no other, but you gotta respect that. I agree that he has improved a lot from when he first started out. I mean what fun would the few appearances on variety shows that Big Bang does go on be if it weren’t for the stories about Seungri, or the stories that Seungri tells.
Actually, iI wouldn’t give up anyone from Big Bang, but if I had to I’d get rid of Seungri (sorry, Ree). I also really enjoy most of their solo work and loved the GD&TOP collab.


24 November 2012 - Two more subjects and I'm DONE


hey ho hey ho hey ho. okay I dont intend to write anything today actually. its just Imma bit pissed off right now -.-

its started like a month ago . . . . . and brought out by one stranger, like whuuuutttt?! -.-

I commented on this specific video. and one of the comments written there is that someone doubt that non-muslim were able to say Assalamualaikum, which is generally to all muslim meant by "peace be upon you - salam sejahtera ke atas kamu". so I DO replied to it, i said it is meant by that. I think it is okay. and I dont wanna get involved much in this case, so i just left.

however, when I open up my inbox just now, my comment was replied by one specific person which started with HARSH words -.- I seriously heated up. he/she said that they shouldn't. and keep promoting he/she is Islam. and saying that it was only meant for Muslim. I cannot take those harsh words, seriously.

seriously? why la there's people that exists sometimes are very narrow. i mean, I'm not the best person to talk bout religion, especially when it comes to Islam. I might be the worst.

how ever, personally I'm saying this. IF you are truly Muslim, and you are trying to make things the way it should, the Islamic ways, there are ways to say it out. What the heck if you are trying to fix situation but you start everything with harsh words? seriously man. it your religion, its true. well its mine too. just I seriously doubt people these days, they should know to respect others. dont just blow everything up. it does make you look stupid.

how ever, for the matter we are fighting over just now. here's the answer by some people. and a lil my opinion.


"non muslim say assalamualaikum is not a bad thing..we muslims must answer it though with waalaikum.."

"i ask my ustazah and she said they are not supposed to say that we should encouraged them to say that!!! we should answer it with something but i don't remember.... something like waalaikumussam... something like that... don't encouraged them!"

"Rasa kita patut buang sentimen 'kurang ajar' bila non Muslim beri salam. Boleh tanya ustaz/ustazah ataupun google berkenaan hal ni. :D"

"U can reply with waalaikumussalam if they greet with proper Assalamualaikum not As-Saam 'alaykum which mean death to you.. When they said As-Saam 'alaykum you must answer with Waalaikum."

Ayieda says: Once, one of my Ustaz had discuss this matter with us students when we was Standard 6. He ask is it okay for non muslim greet with Assalamualaikum. He talked about this because, some innocent Indian students were seem not sure how to greet Ustaz. because of nervousness but still wanna greet, they turned out to greet Assalamualaikum. If i wasn't mistaken, Ustaz said it is okay. it all come back to intention. if they meant to greet, it wont be a problem. 

how ever, if they meant to make funny of Islam, to me, if they really do, shouldn't we just keep our mouth shut? else than wishing for others destruction? just pray that Allah will lead them to right path. I mean, that might be sooooo passive, rather than go fighting fighting and forget what we stand for from the beginning, isn't it?

lets not brought this matter much longer. please DO NOT follow my way IF you doubt me even 0.1% I dont want any body led wrongly by my opinion.


left me advises or words if I am not right cause I really need it :')


08 November 2012 - In The Midst of SPM

assalamualaikum. alhamdulillah spm has been well. okay takde la sangat. aku senanya takbeberapa confident. but somehow aku redha je. setakat ni dah 4 subjek habis. which is  bm english sejarah and just now this morning mathematics modern. so sekarang tinggal lagi 5 subjek.

okay kenapa aku tak cakap 5 'paper' sebab satu subjek atleast 2 paper. so overall aku ada lebih kurang 10 paper. hamek kau!

 actually currently using this Samsung S3 updating this blog. so if there's typing error mybe sbb dia punya keyboard kecik and jari saya gabak. weng weng. actually aku bosan ni -,- demam kembali semula. terima kasih hafizuddin rahmat -,-

and senanya tengah cuti spm sempena deepavali and awal muharram. overall 11 hari cuti kalau tak salah kira laa. lega jap takyah gosok baju sekola ;D sooo tngah relax la ni kan haaa kan kan kan ;D sebelum aku dah melalut dan merapik lebih banyak. baik aku stop. haha spm disease k bye ;)

*hati aku masih belum recover. dah berapa bulan dah pun. kenapa la aida , kenapa. aku nak settle semua lepas spm. insyaAllah selesai. kalau berjodoh insyaAllah kekal. sekarang aku tutup mata. simpan hati je la dulu :')*

saya betul sayang, saya cuma takboleh lupa



Aku memang suka kena marah. lagi lagi orang salah faham, pastu aku kene marah sungguh sungguh. aku memang suka. memang, aku gumbira bahagia kene marah ni. aku mang saja nak bua orang salah faham. memang sengaja suruh orang marah aku. aku kan memang takde perasaan.

aku nampak kejadian, aku dengar cerita. aku tutup mata . sakit hati aku, aku sorok. biarlah, aku taknak stress. buat aku macam ni? hm takpe laa. aku memang suka.


27 Oktober 2012 - TweetLimit & Big Bang Alive Tour In Malaysia

Tweetlimit memang babi -___________-

hey guys. hari ni ada Big Bang concert at Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. and yes! I am not going -.-

at first I was like, its okay, its okay. but then Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck -.-


but cannot go kan, alone -.- and what is left for me to do is, open up my twitter and retweet and fav everything i could. how ever. since morning, I've been tweeting a lot -.-and and and to retweet everything tonight is impossible.

for people who are not familiar with tweetlimit. Tweet Limit is Twitter thingy. It limits users from tweeting too much, cannot tweet, cannot retweet. ussually, malaysians got their own terms of twitter thingy. for tweet limit, they still call it tweet limit. for major countries (eg: US, UK), they call it "Jailed" means they are 'prevented' from tweeting as if they are in jail. thus, there are people, mostly fan-girls of a fandom, would have a 'jailed-account' which more to 'second account actually. they ussually got limit when they are trending their fan-thing, which always be done on twitter. examples ; Glamberts (Adam Lambert), Beliebers (Justin Bieber), Directioners (One Direction) . some says 100 tweets per hour is the limit. but if you read twitter policy, it says 1000 tweets per day.

sooo i dont know which one do i get limit from -.-. I was like. pffffft. I am so fucking desperate right now -.-

for how long . . . ? i dont really know. some says, just few minutes, to get it kinda relaxed a while. but now. . . .  it almost a fucking hour ! -.- kuajo betul laa. gua dah desperate gilooo ni -.-

TweetLimit memang babi!

I cant tweet, I cant retweet. so I am fucking Favourite everything now -.- Bangang! next post, fancam on the concerto :D see yaa


21 October 2012

Assalamualaikum. Hai. Saya Siti Nur Aida binti Nor Ahmad nak mengucapkan selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin? eah(?) hahaha kk tak tak. 

Muka nak SPM :p
fake kan? tahu dah :D takpe, sekali sekala pura pura sweet
the one and only motive of this post is I nak cakap SPM 15 HARI JE LAGIIII~~

okay mood spm takmau datang lagi sedihh :( okay semangat tuh ada laa. whahaha, tak laa -.- hmmm i need to stop bit by bit on the internet social site. so currently, I rarely open up my facebook. tapi aku rasa aku seorang je macam tu. sebab yang lain tak kot, anything je "eah nt la aku cakap kat fesbuk" -__________- diurang tak faham aku ;|

so currently jugak, aku aktif twitter. kenapa? sebab twitter sms, so I am available for like 24/7 . anything? tweet me okay baby :D haha

aku merepek. doakan kesihatan, keselamatan dan kesejahteraan saya. I will keep updating here whenever i got time, cause I had lessen my time on the net, and more on the book. sooo wish me luck baby? okay saranghaeeee :D

* Imma be numb. Imma be dull. Just to keep us fit well, until the finals at least :') I trully loves you. Sayang awak Hafiz Rahmat :') *

for everybody yang asyik bertanya, jangan risau. saya okay. bukan masalah percintaan semata mata saya alami. banyak lagi, lebih complicated. tapi taknak risaukan siapa siapa. doa kan saya jaga diri saya sendiri elok elok. jaga diri awak semua juga yeee ? :')
Semoga Allah merahmati kita semua.

16 October 2012 - 5ASC Day :')

well jamuan kelas hancur, plan semua tak gerak, and ini je yang mampu kami buat as soon as possible to replace what ever is planned. :D

Location : McDonalds Ulu Tiram, JB. and some where in AEON Tebrau City.

Birthday 2012 :') - Happy Seventeenth

budak budak tucen kasi :') maseh korang :')
ehemmm buat muka comel kononnya :3
Overall dinner at ViVo AEON Tebrau City, JB
Potong kek di Taman Kebun Teh, JB :) from left: Me, Ayah and dearest Tok Abah.
Sesi Pengumpulan Hadiah :D
Haaaaa these are all I get on my birthday :D
Novi Astika, thank you. this is sooooooooo damn special. Your face is totally gettin' in that!
Thank you Auntie :D
Thanks Ibu!! :D saranghaeyo!
Fakhira , Kyra Kyro kasi :D haaa comel sangat, thanks :D <3
Thanks :') tak sangka pulak kasi hadiah betul betul.
and setelah tanya pakar (ibu - pengalaman dalam dunia bisnesnya tinggi), harganya around RM30.
okay quite expensive for a pen kan? and i think its priced too much for a gift, especially for me :O

hmmmm there are few more photos, but too malas to search and upload because mostly gambar di pasir gudang dalam BB ibu. twitter je laa kot, . Danga Bay walk, its a private practice :p haha okay bye~

13 0ctober 2012

hey hey hey :)

assalamualaikum. Happy Seventeen Ayieda Hotaru :')

okay tahun ni . . . . . . . . I REALLY LOVE THIS YEAR's BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

previous post. aku ada cakap pasal aku update stats tu, and yes, diurang mang countdown birthday aku agak nya :'D


haha okay macam gempak sangat je -.- birthday aku actually on 13th October kan, but wat celebrated earlier than ever.

12 October, diurang dah wish aku nonstop kat sekola. kesian Amar Haqim, it was his birthday, tapi macam semua ingat birthday aku haritu. ofc orang kecoh kecoh, and luckily, no tepung tepung. nasib baik tak kene goreng weng weng . . :p malam dinner kat ViVo AEON Tebrau City with ayah and ibu.

13th, oleh sebab sabtu, and I already have my plan with family, soo no hang out. kite pergi pasir gudang, potong kek dengan Hariz Ridzuan. and malam itu Kak Aisah yang tersayang bawak kite ke Danga Bay :') best ada kakak ni :') abang dah call tepat 12, yelakan, ic gua, dia yang free call -.- so this year, i have no siblings with me :'( but its okay,

14th still ramai wish aku, all was like, "OMG semalam aku sibuk, tak sempat wish" "aku lupa, but hari ni ingat je terus rushing wish kau" hahaha sooo quite banyak laaa :) its okay, wish je laa. i wont mind :)

15th hari isnin :D kat skola, aku still dapat "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYIEDA BABY" haha okay okay, korang excesive sangat, terima kasih sebab wish, aku sampai lost words nak say thank you :') malam tu potong kek di Taman Kebun Teh, rumah Auntie Adik, Datin Norhayati Ramlan. I celebrate dengan ayah and tok Abah as well. :)

and yeahhhh, that is how it goes. seems like nothing kan? aku penat gilooo. next post gua upload gambar gambar :'D


6 October 2012 - Tepat sebulan sebelum . . .

Assalamualaikum :)

and I should do this earlier, but Imma busy person. sooo...


haaa nampak tak akak punya excited tu? haha okay nak buat acane kan? this is my favourite month of the year. haa tanya la kenapa. tanya laa. tanya laa :3

Hari lahir saya terjatuh(?) pada tanggal 13 Oktober 1995, so this month is so so special for me la kan :D

~october is my bias~ everytime any event on oktober rasa macam event tu serious special. this year, sorry sorry, I couldn't wish every person's birthday. hmm ;'( sedih tak dapat wish tau, the reason is tak bole nak onlin mcm selalu lagi dah. sbb SPM dah nak mai dah. and I got limit online. weekends only. sedihkan? tahu dah :(

13 October 2012 - Adam Lambert is scheduled to be at Melbourne, Aussie for a lil gig :'( wanna be there 

hari tu, aku rasa aku ada buat satu statement tidak tahu malu serta mengharapkan perhatian orang ramai --"

hahaha then aku realize aku hide birthday aku di facebook so semua orang wondering around, lepas tu aku pun unhide birthday. so after fikir fikir, that is way too mencari perhatian -.- haha so saya minta maaf :|

anyway, Marlisa Farhana pun mula panggil aku "Miss Oktober" unknowingly the reason(?) 

3rd October, is Ayah's birthday, how ever kita tak sambut sebab mungkin ayah sekarang mengalami midlife-crisis. so nak ajak makan luar tak mau, hadiah takmau, makan kat rumah sama sama takmau. behh -.- tinggal bertiga je kan. so agak kecewa jadi anak tunggul ni. tunggu je la birthday aku nanti muahaha :D

*p/s : Tepat sebulan sebelum . . . . . SPM :')


28 September 2012

Trial has done for about 2 weeks maybe? so the result, I can say improvement, and so do, lacking here and there.

currently my mood is swing everywhere. I get sick and tired of everything. I guess, I should just stay numb. Stop this. I hate this.


Raya HighLight :D

Kegilaan dalam kereta :D *Sibling 

Noraha Inc.

Noraha Inc. with Tok Ibu and Tok Abah :D

Syed Haffidzuddin yang femes tuh :O haha
Sekitar rumah Tok Teh di Desa Jaya :')
Aqeef Moment :D
Aqeef and Aiman moment :O *actually I'm off first Raya already. see? undo-ing
Rumah mak mentua di Kluang (?) hahaha no no no, rumah kawan lama ibu :)
baby-sitting my Abang :')
Mr Nor Ahmad :D
Mrs. Haryati
Siblong :D haha

Family ! Saranghaeyo !