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29 November 2010


okay, as i know , today the MRSM test are held,
wahh ! soo excited for u guys okay,
okay, pagy2 faten da text,
*not really pagy, tengahhary, i just woke up,
haha ^^
dye cakap Maths is hard,
aww ! i really wish i could answer it,
but its a computerization questions,
so cannot laa -.-"

so there, my bestfriend-s duh !
Faten , Hady , Jed , Amer 
aww , i really wish i'm there with u guys,
lamenyee x hangout nan korang (T.T)

while aq kat rumah,
online je laa,
maen game kat fesbuk nie
okay, frontierville is now my fav,
dont ask why, because i dont know

first account x syok,
second account best play this thing ^^
got more neighbor and active player 

clicking game !
haha, simplest game duh !

all of it are zynga games,
they always got the best game,
congrats for your intelligents


Adam Lambert on Campbell Live - Living A Dream Interview

" No matter what your path is, what's your sexuality is,
what the color of your skin, what your religion is .
It's about positive energy and love .
It's a bit clisye* (dunno the real spelling haha ^^)
but that's really what it is about .
Making things, creating connection with people,
and as long as u can find a way to do that 
and be happy, that's all you need.

So forward your head and try to find that .
It's not about being famous , it's not about being right or wrong ,
it about just carving your own path out
and finding people along your ride that see eye to eye with you .

Being honest with people all around you .
That's the key of a true Happiness .
Living in denial ,  or in shame or a lie ,
its not gonna be an pleasant journey .

So find the thing that makes you you and be proud of it.
Anything is possible "

Being True of Yourself !

* hey alynrazaly :
yeah ! still with Lambert,
sorry if you are annoyed with it,
anyway good to hear that you are okay now,
gain up some weight yah !

28 November 2010


hm, HOI ! er, sorry,
eah kaw sory laa,
day by day , I'm getting irritated by you friend*

since that day,
yeah ! I know it's a lame,
being mad because of you said bad thing about Lambert,
but I'm just hoping,
sometimes care bout my feeling can you?
yeah ! I'm irritated,


here's a lyric, it's nice duh ^^

one, you’re like a dream come true
Two, just wanna be with you
Three, girl it’s plain to see
That you’re the only one for me and
Four, repeat steps one through three
Five, make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done
Then I’ll start back at one

Back To One - Brian Mcknight


27 November 2010


Bonjour !
haha, CINTA? mestilahh!
I've already got LAMBERT's ALBUM !!!!
okay, too happy , speechless okay ?
ILY Adam Lambert !

watch Ngangkung,
like hell huh ? title dye pelik kan?
at first I sendiri dont know what's dat suppose to mean,
but after explaination and watched the movie,
just that Understand ^^

*p/s: it's a great day with Nurfadhilah Supanat and Umi Rohmatin though,
thanks okay,


26 November 2010


hey, esok kite nak keluar,
bole laaa ? pleaseee !
haha ^^ everyweek if can i nak keluar,
nak hang dgn sume kawan2,
-.-" tp xsemua bole keluar,
haha ^^

GOSH! teka sape yang buad I tidor nyenyak malam tady ?
hahaha ! mesty la orang yang buad I senyum jee,
gosh ! he's cute and adoreable,
I really wish he's beside me last night,
sleep while hugging him !
really wish for that,
well he's a charming , warm hugger duh !

*p/s : thanks Adam Lambert ^^


25 November 2010


heyy ! haha ^^
did I tell you guys that I'm having fever few days ago?
yeah ! today, I feel much more better,
maybe because he text-ed me,
well, I hate it ,
what? I'm supposed to love it?
yeah ! I should, I know,
but I dunno why I don't like it,

but sincerely,
I really really miss him okay?
maybe that's why I'm feeling better today,

I hate this feeling ,
I hate this part , 

the new song here is
Mad World by Adam Lambert,

he didn't own this song,
but he sing it very well in American Idol,
see it by the link down wards over there,


24 November 2010

hua :'|

heyhey, hari ni xde orang update blog ke?
first sekali kan, bile bukak blogger,
i'll search Alynn's blog,
y? sebab lagu tuh,
Better Man - Robbie Williams
ceh macam xbole bukak iTunes je kan,
haha ^^ xpelaa, suke haty saye laa

damn ! miss you guys so much ,
not just you guys,
all over 3 RK 2010 clan,


.. jeng jeng jeng

"everybody has their journey, everybody already has their mission, things that they are supposed to do, and certain things that are fated, and certain things are out of control, thanks to the universe for revealing the path that I am suppose to go down and I won't change it, I think its interesting and a reflection of who I am as a person, I feel like I'm getting to be me"
5:05 - 5:23
totally touching !


22 November 2010


He has 3 albums already!
RM 49.90
twice about to buy it, 
and every-time I tried to buy it,
monkeys disturb -.-"

also got Tour Edition
which is also RM 49.90

December are coming, and he gonna release one more album,

Adam Lambert Acoustic Live

a 5 Song EP of stripped down versions of five of Adam's most popular tracks
the cost ?
ouh you guys can teka already kan?
actually the cost haven't anounced yet

so tambah tolak , all of it cost almost RM 200.00 right?
I don't care, I wanna buy those !
but damn !
to buy all of it in one time will kills me,
it's not that I don't have the money,
but in one time , u know what people gonna say,
so decided ,
gonna buy it one by one , step by step ,
just please jangan sold out !



21 November 2010

Just Like What I Said Yesterday, When I Ask Nobody Answers, But Then You'll See How Many Mouths Are Talking

then I'm really get to the highest of my heat 

duhai cintaku, sayangku lepaskanlah !
haha, it's just a song from the Indonesian singers
( Bunga Citra Lestari and Ari Lasso - Aku dan Dirimu *I and You* )

okay going that far huh? back to the base , 
okay dearest friends, I'm sorry if lately I'm being so emotional,
a little joke make me pissed off,
I knew, I shouldn't be like this,

but guys, sometimes when I'm being serious please be too, can ?
I love joking with you guys,
most of the times !
but sometimes, we just have to move out from the track,
a few minutes would be fine okay ?

know what?
I really wish that I could tell you guys,
he no more text me,
and that day , 15 November 2010,
was the last day I feel close to him,
after that I think I lose him already,
he's too far away now !

maybe because of that, I've lose my mood also,
I'm Sorry okay?
I Love you guys so Much !
just doesn't get into my mood,

and awkward-ly
Adam Lambert is the only person makes me smile and laugh,
and claps my hands too.


19 November 2010

heyyy !

dear readers, ( if got )
I'm sorry if this page requires few seconds to load
I mean more than few seconds, a moment to be exact,
it just that day by day, this page been loaded by a lot of things,

currently, I'm being busy with Lambert,
and everything I love bout him,
I get it into this blog,
so it's getting heavier,

I know some of you don't really get into him,
in other words, you hate him,
see, I don't care, whether you love him or not,
it wasn't a problem to me,

he's a good singer, in other hand he's cute and kinda hot-stuff to me, just that he's gay!
I just adore him so much, yeah ! I'm addicted ^^


A conversation With An Australian Radio

Steve  : What's  that loaded smile for ?
Adam : It's al-right, you'll be fine baby, I'm in control
Steve  : what? and who's that man strutin' in like floosie,
Adam : I told you to wait in the car !
Andy  : Hi ! I'm Andy, I'm Adam's boyfriend, who were you?
Steve  : I'm his ..(lost).. I'm his partner ! ADAM ! what's going on here ?
Adam : yayaya, I'll explain , see, Baby, you're beautiful, there's nothing wrong with you,
Andy  : U always said that I was beautiful, I've tought that I was your sure fire winner
Adam : Andy , do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I'm about to do? Because it's about to get rough for you, I'm here for your entertainment !
Andy  : My entertainment? What are you talkin' about Adam? I'm not after-show-girl, I thought I was special!
Adam : Well now here we are, what do you want from me ?
Andy  : I wanna you hold me tide, in ..(lost).. position

Steve  : how's your Australian accent Adam?
( not so good , he's good in British )

Steve  : So Adam , what are you going to do to fix this mess up?
Adam : I'm working it out,  please don't giving, I wont let you down, it mess me up, but I need a second to breath, just keep comin' around
Andy  : Well you can stick your trick up your A Adam, I rather ..(lost again).. than be with you
Steve  : I Love you Adam, and I'm sorry I haven't paying there for you certainly
Adam : It's me, I'm a freak,but thanks for loving me, you doing it perfectly
maybe I did a lot of mistakes on what they are talking, I'm a slightly deaf ! haha ^^


Adam interview (with Kris Surprise Huggle Attack on Adam)

these two guys are so adorable !
it's nice when a gay guy and a straight guy being such a great friend ,
aww ! so sweet ^^

Adam Lambert's Jokes

the title of the video in YouTube were only to get publicity ,
poor Adam :'[


17 November 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha :]

dalam keadaan tido tersangatttt lambat,
pagy2 suda kene jeritt oleh ibu terchinteeee-kuh,
"kaw bangun ! kaw dok ber-fesbukk smpai xtido,nak bangun da susaaa"
haha ^^ betol la tuh, "fesbuk" smlm sangat seronok laa, haha

i lawa hary ni ! haha, xde laa bease jee, ituh pagy hary laa,
waktu petang menjelma, ayda yang bease muncol
"tomboy" eah aman? haha ^^ apeape je laa
cousin kaw juaa

ouh yaa ! ibu buad BBQ di rumah, atas sebab musabab laa,
so i sokong je laa, i jadik tukang kipas, mak aih !
bau asap, ini baru betol makan asap !
perghh ! da la xcukop tidoo
jadik peng-kipas pulee,

akhernyee, letak laa kipas elektrik ituh, wahhhh !
lega then, but still kene jage kan,
dapat rest, teros tidoo

6.30 sampai 9.45
gile ean? me myself susah nak cayee,
yeee, i taw, 
terlepas maghrib, and suda lewat Isyak !,
abes sda terlajak,
ibu pon diam kan saje, ape bole buad ^^

gamba next post *

Phrases on Face-book :']

aww, phrases kat facebook,
memang memahami :']

You never really stop loving someone, you just try to live without them.

There's nothing wrong with just being yourself. That's more than enough.


Pictures Y(^_^)

di bilik bos kita !
sambil menunggu rakanrakan yang terchinta untuk sampai

di food court
maaf tidak banyak gambar

di Daiman

Isa Ali Imran

tahniah kerana berjaya berkawan dengan kawan saya
kita semua kawan ^^

kami menawan bukan ? haha ^^ cheers

the chicken rice shop
maaf tidak banyak gambar,
focus mahu makan sahaja
haha ^^

dats it
banyak gambar, tetapy banyak goyang,
macam laa
saya ade penyakit darah gemuruh sentiasa

15 November 2010


hey hey,
ceritera hari ini

pukol 9.00
tersedar dary tidor
"uish ! naseb baek sedarr , cepat cepat, nt lambat puleee"
pukol 10.00
"ibu nak pegi breakfast? er okay laa, xde hal"
pukol 10.30
"aduh makk ! sempat ke sampai tiram niee"
pukol 11.00
sesampai nye saye di bus stand tiram
"ceh ! kalaw aq taw , aq lajak kan tido smpai 9.30 -.-"

okay begitulaa, budak2 nie kalaw janji memang macam cipan, lembap!
amer datang dulu, then 1/2 jam kemudian,
sharen, hakim, faten sampai,
call call hady ! duhh, xangkattt !

sampai jusco almost 12 kott, hady kene tinggal padan muke,
dudok di food court, mereka kelaparan,
saya xmakan laa, BUKAN DIET,
then 12 sumtink, i pegi amek Isa, depan harris,
sumpa ! xjanji pon nak pakai baju same hitam,
lepak food court,

then hady sampai, muka pucat,
haha, mereka semua maen di tempat permainan ituh,
saya teman hady yang kelaparan makan,

after this and that, ke harris,
di situh adam lambert dikutuk oleh dua orang manusia, shahrin dan juga Isa -.-"
apalaa korang nie kejam !

then bolingg, weee !
seronok, kitorang punye lane asyek rosak ! kah kah,
xde hebadd mane kaw hary ni sharen HAHA

then kembali ke jusco, untuk makan,
perut saya sudah lapar,

eah lupeee, Isa pulang , sbb saya rase dye malas nak berulang alek

dari bakawali, ke jusco, kemudian ke daiman, kembali ke jusco, semula ke bakawali

haha ^^ saya paham keadaan anda,

di jusco, saya da sampai food court,
tetapi mereka mahu makan di tempat laen
terpaksa la ikot ckp diurang xnak makan di food court !
kami makan di Chicken Rice Shop
*bukan sekadar nasi ayam ! pakpakpak,

RM 82.90
eah salah laa,
RM 89.20
haa ! baru betoll . .
belanja mereka makan, tidak mengapa laa,
tidak kesah, kawan-kawan baek saya jugak kann?

thanks da buad aq senyummmmm sahaja hary ini,

sayang korang !

gambar next post yeah?


14 November 2010

Bateri phone sudaa merah, dary hari semalam, xmaty maty,
kerana tiada siapa mahu contact saya -.-"

selalu, aq tengah tido syok syok, phone bunyik, sampai nak tido pon payah,
bosan nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
aq nak pegi sekolaa T.T

esok nak keluar ! haha
belom cakap dengan ibu lagy, hee ~

neway, malam nie aq nak online, maen game jee, xnak text orang laa
haha^^ xde orang nak text aq pon sbenarnye -.-"

aaaaaaaaaaaaarghh ! bosan nyeeeeee

eah ! suda lupa pulaa,
blogg niii ! suda lawa, bahagia nyee rasee,
hee ^^ di ingat kan,
use google chrome, with zoom out of 83%,

14 November 2010

3 RK 2010 , i'll miss you guys gile vavi punyee laa !

aq nak masok kan gamba, tapy adapter wire entah ke mana T.T

abes la kerjaya 3 hary aq sebagai emcee ,
no more blazer, no more microphone,

eah ! seday laa, 
xnak story,

apsal 13 November ni ?
belom rindu aq kee?
seday ni,
handphone bagai kan tidak bernyawa ! 
huh -.-"

sebelum tuh, aq da lupa da tady,
er BESTFRIEND-s yang tersayang ku sekalian,
saya da buad keputusan,
xtaw la korang care ke x pasal aq,
tapy kalaw korang rase penting,
tanye la aq pasal ape,
kalaw aq worthless, xpayah la tanye,
okay? I know, korang bukan care sgt pon, haha !
ayat carik pasal*


10 November 2010

I'm Here For Your Entertainment ! haha ^^

being emcee are so stressful ! tomorrow got , Friday also .

boring ! why? because of the teacher not smiling after I've done talk .
and this instant-fame , really distract me,
why? I dont talk so much,
and now people always calling my name,
ask for a conversation,

duh !

nice la KAMI crew ! haha
it's not a Lame laa
assistant director ni !


Quotes !

"The saddest thing in life is when you meet that 
special someone and you know it will never be, and that sooner or later 
you'll have to let go."


Don't be sad because it's over , smile because it happened :)


maybe it is just wasting time 2 wait for someone....
so...its better to make a new life and a new way....

credits to Syafi Haiman and Muzamir Yatim
this was adapt because it's nice !

What I Hate ...

8 November 2010

If We Ever Meet Again ^^

wootwoot* yeah, blah blah blah, haha
er okay 6 November 2010 saya keluar merayap,
saya meet up Isa, faiz, nazri, mizi, sufi, dan juga jihan,
sepatotnye 4 orang sahaje, =,=
haha, apalaa, okay la tuh,
gambar? perlukah?
kat side box la ea?
er, many things yang kelaka laa,
time kaseh semua ^^

malahan, malam ituh jugak laa saya berbaik semula dengan Hakim Haris
yelaa, aku sayang kaw jugak,

7 November 2010,
ke tangkak, matrix johor,
hantar abang,
tersangat bosan,
dan ketika itu laa,
saya merasa kehilangan 
maybe that what i should feel
feel lose

8 November 2010,
not really confession
but as long as you , my best-friend ,
you know what happen already,

seronok kan bercakap tanpa henty sepanjang hary,
adoy =,=


gambar lama, saya suke ini,
tapy ade nama pula di atas ituh -.-"

5 November 2010

It's Boring , I just hope this would be a serious some-thing, 
not another trouble-some,
malas nak story kat sape sape laa =,=
sume da tak paham aq

english aq semakin teruk ^^ haha



04 November 2010

Jeng Jeng Jeng !
I'm changing ! poof*
Change already, what no changes ? 
-.-" I'm not changing laa.

wattafak am i talking about ? haha, bia je laa, tengah annoyed nie, tp hais, macam xpenah jadik je kat aq before, tp kenapa jadik lagi ? i tot sume ni da over, its time for me to rise semula, but never meant for me kott, hais,

hotaru : ayieda, u nak lawan dye ke ? banyak kali kalah kan?
ayieda : i taw laa
hotaru : tp dont give up, there's not a star u cant reach
ayieda : iyerlaa
hotaru : u dengar x ? i nasihat nie, u jangan pandang sebelah mata
ayieda : dengar laa
hotaru : ergh ! u nie siyes laa siket
ayieda : tengah siyes la nie, -.-"
hotaru : i sayang u ^^
ayieda : da taw da -.- (walks away)


3 November 2010

Happy Birthday Novi Astika
haha ! semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki, er forget the past and keep moving forward yeah !
aku sayang kaw, betol nie, x tipu :)

Hey, I just get to know him, its impossible okay .
we're just friends! he won't tegur I lagi if I suka kat dye ( T.T )
haha serious nie,
his position is just the same like abang aiman, kaswi and hady sebelum nie,
hot and available bachelor yang di-adore by a geek -.-"
I adore mereka haha !
but ini yang paling rapat laa 
crush ? maybe no , I really don't wanna think bout love now, its hurts .

* Tu laa, I let you go into your bed , you x maw, 
"not until u sleep"
but see ? You sleep then,
seems like I'm the one who are suppose to say those,
and few moments after that, I also asleep, haha ^^
er but that's okay if you are asleep,
U had done the same thing like I did last night right ?
I asleep when text-ing with you before, ha-ha, sorry :) !

Best-friend ! after days never meet, I text-ed you last night,
tapy I tertido pula -.-" seday gilaa !
sebab lepas ni tak tau nak text bila,
neway, gudluck with your new, black guitar,
pasni you lagi terer dary I laa,
it's your own, while me, I just pinjam abang, T.T
abang nak bawak pegi KMJ sudaa

biarlaa, er seriously I Miss You laa!

hady, faten, jed, novy, hakim,
T.T sumpah miss gila nan korang


2 November 2010

Best la !

Last night, I get on the bed really late, about 3 something, on the call , just get stressful,
so I need someone to talk, and to fulfil his promise before to call me, ha-ha !
nice talk, nice talk, nice songs, nice voice,
thanks for being so caring, yeah ! no worries, we're just friend okay ?
Caring As A Friend Should Be
* I didn't confess anything eay ? *

Er enough bout him, bangun, and tertido dalam toilet, haha ! naseb ibu jerit, kalaw x, x sedar kott,

blah blah blah, really enjoy today, talking and gossip-ing a lot,
Adyba, Fadiela, Atiqah, Ummi, and me
siap skip sekolah lagi, sebab nak merasa nasi lemak dekat restaurant ape tah, idea Ummi yaa !

pastu da buad dosa cabut sekolah, buad pahala, kemas surau okay ? haha, da siap, berbual empty , macammacam topik, apa sajaa la mereka ini, tapy seronok, tidak mengapa,

nice laa ! er suppose hary ni hary yang tidak membahagia kan, tapy tidak terjadi, hary yang penuh kelaparan adalaa, haha

* maaf saya menulis sebegini rupa bahasa, saje jee


I Love It

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
They tell me your blue skies fade to gray
They tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee you go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces every time
And I don't need no carryin' on

Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

thanks for singing ^^