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30 Dec 2010

heyhoo ! okay,
here's are some amazing people i found ! yay !
they are persons who are not deaf and has been burnt inside by the great Adam Lambert,
totally, i'm soooo jealous !
they had been to the Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia ,
felt like crying for real, i didn't made it there,
the worst part is i just know him on 13th October 2010 ( my birthday )
too late for everything 

okay this are the posts about that concert:

the first person is the one i met in twitter,
okay, this pretty lady first i met when i post this
then out of sudden, i try to search more news about Lambert
so click click ! :DD
then i saw this Glambert just tweeted this
i was like " yay ! i found a Glambert ! "
then i guess i wasn't just happy to find her,
but amazed as she had been to GNT !
so i need to know more bout her experience there,
and i found her blog
here's the link :DD
twitter: @aimiJ
*she's a proud Malaysian and friendly too ^^*


i'm pretty sure her name is Qilah, ryte?
okay, she's a friend of @aimiJ
maybe bestfriends, as they went to the GNT together,
i found her by twitter, no need to guess how i think ?
i still in pending to follow her twitter,
but that's okay if she don't approved it,
that's privacy ryte?
here's the link to her blog that i found
otwitter : @QilahWahi
*never talk to her, i'm pretty sure she's a nice lady :D*

did you read that i felt like crying?
i'm sorry, but yes I'm crying


a tag from Hanis Suhaila

Check out Hanis Suhaila's blog here =>

Name : Siti Nur Aida binti Nor Ahmad
Nick Name : Ayieda :DD
Birthdate : October 13, 1995
Birthplace : Poliklinik Lahtipah, Bandar Baru Uda
Current Location : Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Eye Color : Brownish Black
Hair Color : mostly black
Height : 155+ lama tak ukur
Weight : -.-" secret laa, haha :D
Piercings : None
Tatoos : Not yet ! haha :D
Boyfriend/Girlfriend : mostly normal boys and girls

Vehicle : not yet Ford Mustang or a Hummer
Overused Phrase : " Man ! Damn it ! "


Food : -not specified-

Pub/Disc/Restaurant : Restaurant ofc !
Candy : -not specified-
Number : 24
Color : dull and stern brownish blacken grey :DD figure it out
Animal : kittens ^^
Drink : 100plus
Body Part on Opposite sex : -_____-
Perfume : -not specified-
TV Show : Keeping Up with th Kardashians

Music Album : For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

Movie : Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Actor/Actress : Chris Colfer and Jessica Alba

This or That

Pepsi or Coke : both no

McDonalds or BurgerKing : McDonalds
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug : Hugs and Kisses :DD haha
Dog or Cat : Cat
Rap or Punk : Rap
Summer or Winter : Summer
Scary Movies or Funny Movies : Scary movies :DD
Love or Money : Love with Money along


Bedtime : -not specified-

Most Missed Memory : childhood memory

Best physical feature : i'm not a gymnast 
First Thought Waking Up : what I did last night till I could sleep tightly :DD

Ambition : -not specified- . . . yet

Best Friends : faten, hady, bobo, amer, jed, . . . and list goes on .
Weakness : enemies

Fears : cemetery
Longest relationship : almost a year , stupid hell relationship :x ( anes kita sama )


Cheated Your Partner : i guess so

Ever been beaten up : yup
Ever beaten someone up : yes, standard one ^^
Ever Shoplifted : no
Ever Skinny Dipped : no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : no
Been Dumped Lately : not yet, but i dumping once


Favorite Eye Color : Grayish Blue with Guy-liner :DD

Favorite Hair Color : Black with a little Blue

Short or Long : Emo Haircut what people says

Height : Just nice
Style : Glamrock, haha ^^ just the way he is ,
Looks or Personality : Personality :DD
Hot or Cute : Hot
Muscular or Really Skinny : not too Muscular !

*p/s : man ! you know who am I talking about ,


What country do you want to Visit : Hollywood or London City ?

How do you want to Die : in the arms of my love, haha ^^ man ! never thought of it ~
Been to the Mall Lately : hm, yeah i guess 
Get along with your Parents : at times 
Health Freak : no
Do you think your Attractive : damn it ! haha ^^
Believe in Yourself : at times
Want to go to College : Johor Matriculation College
Do you Smoke : no
Do you Drink : no
Shower Daily : yes
Been in Love : i guess so
Do you Sing : yes
Want to get Married : yes
Do you want Children : yes
Age you wanna lose your Virginity : same as Mr. L , 21 y/o, haha ! weyh -_- whenever after marriage laa
Hate anyone : maybe
How old you partner : i don't have a permanent partner man, but for now, same as me :D

tag 3 person :

27 December 2010

Happy Birthday Siti Nur Aisyah !
Happy Birthday Nurfadhilah Supanat ( 28 Dec )!
Happy Birthday Izzati Farizan ( 29 Dec )!

hi all ! okay, people starts talking, yeah i know, i'm not on the line for so long right?
haha guys nooo ! I've been on the line everyday , or should I say everynight,
yes ! I'm on the line late night,
I'm used to be at 11pm, but now, time change it all ^^,

sorry if anybody misses me :DD

okay, I'm getting buzy on the morning,
if anybody wondering,
yes I'm working now :)
as what? that would be a secret :O
haha ^^

and I'm lately had a lot of travelling
it's family business,
sorry, can't tell u much on that , 

and if any of my friends read this,
you could tell them bout this,
if there's one laa,

well my blog wasn't that popular :p

What's the best gift you've ever received?

er, a cat ?

Ask me anything

adekah anda rase suare anda sesuai untuk jadi pengacare?

ouh, haha ! soalan tuh, hm suaree mmg x arh kott, hais soalan susa nyee -__-

Ask me anything

aida baik ?

kadang kadang,
I'm could be very good,
but when I'm bad,
I'm even "better",
haha ^^

Ask me anything


24 December 2010

There is another part of me that does not make people happy and say all the time "please". Diplomacy is not really my specialty

thanks for spiking my life with your sweet presence


what the hell is wrong with you man ? okay, i'm sorry, its all my fault okay ! i didn't heard the alert , just sorry . seriously, i wanna talk to you babe ! please laa, stop acting like stupid !

to everyone:
guys , jangan la jadi macam bodoh, result tak berapa bagus nak maki diri sendiri, tak guna la, move on,
do you ever believe in fate ?
apa yang kita dapat adalah yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri, dan dengan apa yang kita dapat , kita akan meneruskan masa depan kita, gunakan sebaik-baiknya,
kalau kita tersungkur ketika berlari, bangun dan bertatihlah untuk berjalan semula dan bersedia untuk berlari semula dengan langkah yang lebih baik agar kita tidak tersungkur lagi.
believe in fate !
kita tak pernah bernasib malang , tidak akan pernah, kita cuma akan malang apabila kita sendiri yang hilang keyakinan diri dan mengatakan diri kita malang dan itulah semalang-malang nasib. bila kita menyumpah diri sendiri !


23 December 2010

Alhamdulillah :D

hyeee everybodyy ! iloveyou sooo much,
in every way, every inch of my love are just for youu-all !
haha, okay, beyond happiness !
7 out of 8 man ! 7A's man !
alhamdulillah !
its been straight but bengkok a little bit at the end,
haha, but MAN ! i only expecting of 4 or 5 !

first of all, thanks to God , Allah swt . .
i know i've been such a bad muslim,
and i deserve to get 7 only out of 8,
and my B subject is Islam ,
i deserve that, i know, but this is beyond all what i ever expected :DD

secondly, dearest parents !
for mummy, Haryati Abdul Karim,
you are the world best mum, 
i still remember the exam's night,
you read the book for me,
haha might be funny, but it really helps !
for daddy, Nor Ahmad Ramlan,
the best dad in the universe,
thanks for the constant support and advice !

dunno what to say,
Amirul Hassan and Siti Nur Aisyah,
you both always make me feel like a loser,
but i always know its a challenge for me to improve
and here it is dude ! haha ^^

to the teachers,
man ! there's no words to say how much you all meant for me,
for the support, for the teaches, for the patience,
and even for the pray,
since i was in the kindergarden till now and forever,
you guys are my teacher forever,
and maybe some of you didn't recognise me anymore
i just praying the best for all of you
thanks a lot !
i wish i could see you again,
and hug u, to show how much i love you all,
but just to ashamed to do that, sorry ^^

friends !
waaaaaaaaaaaa ! guys, thanks a lot !
i don't even know how to say how much i love you guys,
for making me laugh, and even for disturbing me while i'm studying,
haha ^^ it's great cause u guys help me to reduce all the tense, 
guys, i just love you soo much,
and just now, meeting and laughing and smiling, and stuff,
haha it just lovely guys,
and congrats too,
you guys had the best result ever right ?

and for all that are not happy with their result,
i'm reminding you,
what we get for our own self are the best for us,
with that result we are fated to be who we are,
you may be ashamed,
but please, not with me, with us,
in every up and down,
we're together, no matter how,
we always could lend our shoulder for you okay?

Lambert !
haha, thanks for being who you are,
and accompany me all night which i couldn't sleep,
haha you even make me smile !
when i should shivering and trembling, 
thanks tho ! ILY <3

man ! all of it, the books writer, the book publisher,
the cleaner, the canteen worker,
the cook, the bus driver, the guard, the schoolmates,
the junior and the senior,
the contractor worker ( labour ), the shoe maker, the tailor,
everyone dude ! everyONE !
everyone that i know or not,
thanks for everything for what ever you did,
haha ^^


and now i'm confuse to stay at Johore Bahru or move on to Melaka
i hate this

23 December 2010

okay, it 1.49 am, i couldn't sleep, scared of tomorrow, man the result are out -.-"
ouh, not really scared act, just hoping to get the best sooo much while i know i can't
i gave it all already, just wait for what the best and what i deserve tomorrow,

* p/s : yeah babe , you are the only exception :D imy , but sorry you can't top Lambert



okay guys, i know i should talk about my trip the other day, not bout Lambert,
i'm sorry, but i just missed him i guess ^^

okay the trip wasn't a great blast, but sincerely,
it was a trip for myself, i really get the time of myself to relax
else than be on the line 24/7,
and my mind are now relaxed a bit before getting on the line back, haha ^^
and guys, i would say i made a decision for my love life,
but schooling next year? not yet ! haiss -_________-

favourite boy on the trip

maaf kerana menyiarkan gambar awak ye insan yang tidak dikenali ^^
awak agak comel di situ, haha :DD

22 December 2010

@Fadiela thanks for the tag, but just too lazy to do it, but editing pics wouldn't be a prob to me, haha, and the rule, man ! cant understand it well, sorry! failed bahasa melayu ^^

so the picture i'm gonna edit is this,

before **

okay nothing to tell bout this picture, 
and as you all can see, this picture had been taken by Nikon D3000
edited by me, myself at Photoscape :D
and all bout this picture i would say
we (siblings) are really "adam's apple" (google translate^^)
on our new DSLR, haha ^^


Lambert do saves live,

okay, hye everybody, this post today adapted from ,
please check it out, i just read it, and i'm crying ,
i really touched with this, i dont realy have words to say bout this, but i think i really needs to spread the word,
and this post really made for . . . i'm sorry, i don't know your real name, do respond to me okay ?

The Story of How Aftermath Saved My Life

Where to start my story...

I have to start at the beginning...

I have always been that kind of person that stood out. Was different than the rest and an outsider.

My life has been tough and I was bullied for 9 years.

It got so far I tried to commit suicide a couple of times and have from that day on had a bad self-esteem.

Always thought I was no good and not worth anything.

Since I'm the oldest one of my sisters I have had to be strong for my family. To support them and comfort them every time we got the message our mom was going to die.

She had a cronicle lung disease that forced her to use oxygen to be able to breathe.

So almost every year, at my birthday she got so ill I had to call an ambulance and go with her to the hospital where I sat at her side all the time for several months.

This happened for so many years that I felt like I didn't have any life at all except caring for my family and not myself.

But 2 years ago she got a lung transplant and is now healthy again.

Until May 7 last year when she had a seizure and broke both her shoulders, hips and something in her back.

Then it was back at being at the hospital....

But she has recovered from that as well.

I was so tired in the end I didn't know how I was going to be able to continue with my life.

It all changed the day I heard the most beautiful voice on the radio that kept haunting my mind.

It was being played every single day at the radio at work, but I was always so busy I never had the time to check who was singing.

Then one day I was at the laboratory (I'm a medical secretary at a doctor's office), I heard this beautiful voice again singing Whataya Want From Me and I looked at the website to the radiostation and found out his name was Adam Lambert.

I wrote it down and when I got home, I got on the internet and downloaded the song including some other songs I found.

Then I found the CD online, so I ordered it and got it just a few days later.

I was immediately hooked and couldn't stop listening to it.

But one song got stuck in my heart and it's this song that has saved my life several times.


The week before I was going to Adam's concert in Stockholm, I was so depressed that I felt that my life was worth shit.

That no one cared about me and that I was a freak that didn't belonged anywhere in the world.

I was crying and cutting myself. I wanted to end my life right there and then.

I was listening to Adam and then Aftermath started playing, not just once, but several times after the song had ended.

I don't know why that happened since I had it on random, so I put down what I was cutting myself with and just listened to the song while crying.

The more I listened to Aftermath, the more I realized that I'm not alone.

That no one can tell me what to do.

No one can force me to be someone I'm not.

Then I started thinking that I am special. I do have a purpose in life and if I die tonight I will not meet Adam the week after.

So I kept listening to Aftermath until I had stopped crying and calmed down.

That's when I decided that I was going to get the song title tattooed on my back along with the goddess Kali that helped me fulfill my dream of meeting him.

On November 9, 2010 I got up at 5 am to start my journey from Northern Norway to Stockholm, Sweden to meet Adam and see him live.

When I met him, he found out we had a lot in common and the conversation was happy and light.

When I thanked him for saving my life with Aftermath and his personality, he got very touched and said he was happy I was alive.

We talked for a while before I had to go, but before I left he said I had to enjoy myself a lot at the concert.

And I sure did.

Had the best time of my life. I was front row. Right in front of Adam.

Monte pointed at my camera and Isaac gave me his last drumstick.

I was in heaven and so thankful for being alive that when I got home to Norway, I immediately got an appointment for the tribute tattoo.

The tattoo took 2 days. But the first time it had to heal for 14 days before the colors could be filled in.

This tuesday on December 14, 2010 the tribute tattoo was finally finished and I love it!

It took 7 hours to get it done, but it was worth it considering the meaning of it.

From now on, whenever I'm feeling down, I just have to look at my back and remember the day Adam Lambert came into my life and saved it.

If it weren't for Adam and Aftermath, I would not sit here, writing down my story.

So I want to say to everyone that are different.

Be proud of who you are because that is what makes you special and not like the rest.

You have a meaning in life. You just have to find it.

My talent is writing and I hope to one day become a writer.

I have also developed a passion for making fanvids of Adam and I made one from my Stockholm vids that is on my YouTube channel.

That is also a tribute to him and the Glam Nation Tour.

So, never let anyone tell you what to do because the life belongs to you.

Adam Lambert will always be in my heart because I owe him my life....


"My 19 + 14 Minutes survey"

a tag from Hazirah MN ( take a look okayy ^^

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating yee :)

Starting time :
12:41 AM waktu malaysia
Name :
Siti Nur Aida binti Nor Ahmad
Brother :
Amirul Hassan (bin yang same yee )
Eye colour :
Dark Brown :D
Shoe Size :
upps. kasut bowling saye size 3 while everyone mintak 7, haha ^^
Hair :
ehem, terlepas  bahu , 
Piercing :
Height :
155+ ( it been months x ukor okkay , haha )
What are you wearing now :
A really loose t-shirt, brown coloured and a short ^^
Where do you live :
Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Favourite Number(s) :
4, 24, 13, 45
Favourite Drink :
i would say 100plus, hee ~
Favourite month : 
October laa ! bukan sebab birthday, but ussually that month teaches me something
Favourite Breakfast : 
er, a great roti canai panaspanas ! haha

Broken a bone
not yett ! haha
Been In a police car : 
er, i can't recall it, maybe yes, maybe no ,
Fallen for a friend : 
few times ,
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : 
yeahh !
Swam In the ocean : 
ocean? i would say yes, but can't be sure
Fallen asleep In school : 
i would say yes ! but not often because banyak gangguan kat sekola tuh
Broken someone's Heart : 
maybe, I'm SORRY !
Cried when someone died : 
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call :
yeah, but not all night man ! i got things to do too
Saved E-mails : 
Been cheated : 
maybe yes,

Your room look a like :
sumtimes a room for real, sumtimes i would say the store ^^
What is right beside you : 
phone, mouse, chairs, 
What is the last thing you ate : 
bubur McD , melantak ayah punyaa ! haha sedapp bro !

Who did you last yell : 
Adam Lambert ^^
Who was the last person you danced with : 
Siti Nur Aisyah, we danced "Sorry Sorry" haha
Who last made you smile : 
Adam Lambert, and the Cool Beans !

What are you listening to right now :
Adam Lambert - MasterPlan, its nice ! hear it ,
What did you do today : 
CityVille-ing, FarmVille-ing, FrontierVille-ing, text-ing, cook-ing,
chat-ing, vote-ing (the Grammy's for Adam Lambert), and ofcourse Lambert-ing
Are you the oldest : 
Indoors or outdoors : 
In and Out !

Talk to someone you like :
NO! but someone i love(friends) yes,
Kiss someone : 
no ! i need a kiss ^^
Sing : 
always man !
Talk to an Ex :
 -.-" please ! i don't want to
Miss someone? : 
hell yeah !
Eat : 
ofc laa, i don't wanna mati kelaparan !

You talked on the phone to : 
mommy !
Made you cry :
 I A I and  T I
You went to the mall with :
 yesterday with FRIENDS !
Who cheered you up :


Been to Mexico? : 
Been to USA? : 
nope , i hope so soon

Have a crush on someone :
yes yes yes !
What books are you reading right now : 
i'm not a good reader
Best feeling in the world : 
in love baby
Future kids name : 
i love the name "Zarith", "Naim", and "Ikhwan"
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : 
recently no, 
What's under your bed : 
a lot of things man !
Favourite sports : 
american soccer, haha, bola sepak laa, football
Favorite place : 
setakat ini, Melaka
Who do you really hate : 
Haters ! cumon guys, join the cause !  NO H8
Do you have a job : 
Imma Blogger haha !
What time is it now : 
1.14 AM

With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My __ Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples. 

Tags :

Zarith Hawany






damn it, xramai laa, okay let see, sape yang terbaca ini sila amek as a tag okay ?