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maybe betol laa, it's because of BoyFriend kot, but in the same time I started to be okay w/ BestFriend too :)
Tremendously Happy, i got my interest back :D

29 April 2011

 Prince William and Kate Middleton,
stop making me jealous , pretty please ?


next stop,

Prince Harry
You are the next target !


Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Present At ASCAP Awards

ehee ! cute :) 
love yaa boo !


27 April 2011

lose interest on everything

recently, i think i have lose everything and even my interest on everything, i just felt like sitting or just laying down without doing anything,

i don't feel like talking, joking, having fun, and even EAT !

i'm serious on what i'm saying right now, i don't even feel like eating, i don't think like its necessary anymore, and i hate to admit this but few days ago i don't take any meal at all for a day, just some junk and water, and get scolded by parents -.-"
no heavy meal please?
and when i eat, i feel like bored and like just throwing those away, but i didn't do it for sure -.-'

i lose interest on having time in front of the screen too !
i do get on the line, but i don't do anything, just lurking like a fucking stalker, and guess what? not even for 30 minutes!
sorry I'm not censoring anything here in this fucking blog,

maybe cause i felt like just lose someone, someone that used to be with me, sharing secret and stories, would love to walk and spend time with me. Now? i just got the feeling that he's avoiding me, or just staying a bit away from me, sorry but I blame boyfriend for all this.

Sorry, Boyfriend !

 but the thing is, i love seeing that he's having time of his life. and I wish I could express how I am touched when they said we're like siblings,while u are away : |

pretty pretty please, can we just be like used to before?
i miss you dyy ; |

or maybe it just the flu . . .


23 April 2011

Muka sembab, mata merah, kenapa?
banyak sebab, bukan sebab apa yang penting,
tapi bagaimana nak hapuskannya tahu ?

maaf, tapi saya rasa saya betul betul serious dalam hal ini sekarang : |

baru edit :3 kelakar lahh
mata saya semakin sembab kah?
tahu tak dari semalam orang tegur, muka saya macam tiada semangat -.-"
awak ni tak nampak kah betapa girang nya saya di sekolah
( kecuali masa Chemistry :P )


so now ! it's Lambert time !
hahahaha XD,
er bout the last few days, i'm not on the line,
i mean, i do but not as ussual i do,
* Glambert do *
but then i found out that we got new Adam now !

Adam Beardbert 

i got instant like and a little dislike ( i'm sorry Adam !! :{ ) from few photos,
totally for me, Adam looks matured and kinda okay with his real age,
he's 29 guys ! without those beard, he looks young!
much younger than his own Real-Age
( i dont know if that is a bad thing :| )

and Adam really likes his new look i guess,
so not much to say bout that.

everybody got their own touch on everything,
but we can't change thing which is not ours
( yeah, Adam is not anybody's except for his boo )
and now we gotta accept the fact,
Adam gonna keep that beard for now,
and we should happy for him,
because he's happy :D


17 April 2011

kalaw bole nak serentak kan? haha :)
hye world ! wahh world nie, takde orang baca pon -.-" ahaha, takpelaa, er, kalaw bukak aq punya wall sekarang kan, nama dye je yang penuh taw haha :D maken semangat aq nak online, er yeah ! saya semakin ramah di fesbuk :)


16 April 2011

Dear Pn Lim LC ,

I barely understand what you're teaching, is it Chemistry? And when it comes to homework, I dunno how to answer, and then I afraid to hand in -.-"

Yours Sincerely,
-your most wanted student-


15 April 2011

mula mula ...
ehee, bahagia la seketika, then kita saje nak perli dye,
( abaikan comments tuh -.-" )
tibe tibe...

ramai pulak yang terasa :p
haha :D LOL


Adam: I won't kiss anyone

13 April 2011

( updated via iPad )

Aku masih ada hati kat dia, tp lepas apa dia buat dengan aku, lepas apa suda jadi antara aku dengan "kawan baik" aq sendiri ( sebab dia ) takkan aku masih nak bersuara, baik aku diam dan move on kan? And aku bukan nak mintak apa apa pon, doa kan aq happy sekarang suda, dengan orang baru, yang boleh buat aku senyum, salah ke?
Tak payah la nak ungkit cerita lama bole?


8 April 2011

Motorola Flipout review

today, I'm gonna make a phone review :)

while I'm surfing the net, and saw this link on Yahoo! >> 13 Ugliest Phones of The Mobile Era
I'm intended to look the ugly phone(s),
and Imma bit disagree when it says this phone is one of the ugliest :/

okay, it's kinda my taste : )
its cute and cool,

  • new Android Smartphone-Motorola Flipout
  • released on Jun 2, 2010
  •  Nokia has launched the similar model last year named as Nokia 7705 Twist
  •  Seven colors are available in the rear cover

  • Due to size limitation, there are not complicated interfaces or keys around Motorola Flipout. A Volume button is in the left side of Motorola Flipout, Micro USB interface in the right, power key/screen lock key and 3.55mm headset jack at the top, and rear cover snaps in the bottom.

    Volume Button in the left side of Motorola Flipout

    Motorola Flipout Mobile Phone Review 9

    MicroUSB interface in the right side of Motorola Flipout

    Motorola Flipout Mobile Phone Review 10
    Power key and 3.5mm headset jack  at the top of Motorola Flipout
    Motorola Flipout Mobile Phone Review 11
    rear cover snap in the bottom of Motorola Flipout

    2.8 inches TFT touch screen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels,

Motorola Flipout Mobile Phone Review 14

 and a built-in 3 MP camera without auto focus function,
but a Self-Portrait Mirror is prepared for the users like taking photos by themselves.

Motorola Flipout Mobile Phone Review 13
A built-in 3 MP camera and self-portrait mirror
supports up to 32GB memory card expansion in the condition of stochastic matching 2GB Micro SD.


4 April 2011

"i think there's a lot of beauty in imperfection"
- Adam Lambert -

* aww handsome! *


3 April 2011

hye awakk :D lama tak update blog kan kan?

saya buzy la awak ,nak online pon susa kadang kadang, kesian sayaa kann?
*saya awak?*

hee, suda mahu seminggu kan? takpela, nak buad camnee, hee,

er, apa khabar ? <---- taktaw nak tanya apa -.-"

okay within about a week, i've gone through much stuff,
which kills me inside , but i'm not dead yet,
haha, no laa, it just killing my strength a bit,
( chewahh strength ni :P penat je sebenarnyaa )
Imma bit tired but its all worth it : )

tengok calendar jap 
click to enlarge : D

31 March tuh tak muat nak masokkan lagi satu story laa
 owned it !!!

ouh yaa, 1 April, saya gembiraa : D
2 April saya gembiraa jugaa :D

edit pon da penat, tengok tuh je la ea?

3 April 2011

Adam Lambert were kicked out from Gaga's bash for "Super sloppy embarrassingly drunk!" ?

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Dear Perez Hilton, Fuck You ! Sincerely, Me :)