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24 November 2012 - Two more subjects and I'm DONE


hey ho hey ho hey ho. okay I dont intend to write anything today actually. its just Imma bit pissed off right now -.-

its started like a month ago . . . . . and brought out by one stranger, like whuuuutttt?! -.-

I commented on this specific video. and one of the comments written there is that someone doubt that non-muslim were able to say Assalamualaikum, which is generally to all muslim meant by "peace be upon you - salam sejahtera ke atas kamu". so I DO replied to it, i said it is meant by that. I think it is okay. and I dont wanna get involved much in this case, so i just left.

however, when I open up my inbox just now, my comment was replied by one specific person which started with HARSH words -.- I seriously heated up. he/she said that they shouldn't. and keep promoting he/she is Islam. and saying that it was only meant for Muslim. I cannot take those harsh words, seriously.

seriously? why la there's people that exists sometimes are very narrow. i mean, I'm not the best person to talk bout religion, especially when it comes to Islam. I might be the worst.

how ever, personally I'm saying this. IF you are truly Muslim, and you are trying to make things the way it should, the Islamic ways, there are ways to say it out. What the heck if you are trying to fix situation but you start everything with harsh words? seriously man. it your religion, its true. well its mine too. just I seriously doubt people these days, they should know to respect others. dont just blow everything up. it does make you look stupid.

how ever, for the matter we are fighting over just now. here's the answer by some people. and a lil my opinion.


"non muslim say assalamualaikum is not a bad thing..we muslims must answer it though with waalaikum.."

"i ask my ustazah and she said they are not supposed to say that we should encouraged them to say that!!! we should answer it with something but i don't remember.... something like waalaikumussam... something like that... don't encouraged them!"

"Rasa kita patut buang sentimen 'kurang ajar' bila non Muslim beri salam. Boleh tanya ustaz/ustazah ataupun google berkenaan hal ni. :D"

"U can reply with waalaikumussalam if they greet with proper Assalamualaikum not As-Saam 'alaykum which mean death to you.. When they said As-Saam 'alaykum you must answer with Waalaikum."

Ayieda says: Once, one of my Ustaz had discuss this matter with us students when we was Standard 6. He ask is it okay for non muslim greet with Assalamualaikum. He talked about this because, some innocent Indian students were seem not sure how to greet Ustaz. because of nervousness but still wanna greet, they turned out to greet Assalamualaikum. If i wasn't mistaken, Ustaz said it is okay. it all come back to intention. if they meant to greet, it wont be a problem. 

how ever, if they meant to make funny of Islam, to me, if they really do, shouldn't we just keep our mouth shut? else than wishing for others destruction? just pray that Allah will lead them to right path. I mean, that might be sooooo passive, rather than go fighting fighting and forget what we stand for from the beginning, isn't it?

lets not brought this matter much longer. please DO NOT follow my way IF you doubt me even 0.1% I dont want any body led wrongly by my opinion.


left me advises or words if I am not right cause I really need it :')


08 November 2012 - In The Midst of SPM

assalamualaikum. alhamdulillah spm has been well. okay takde la sangat. aku senanya takbeberapa confident. but somehow aku redha je. setakat ni dah 4 subjek habis. which is  bm english sejarah and just now this morning mathematics modern. so sekarang tinggal lagi 5 subjek.

okay kenapa aku tak cakap 5 'paper' sebab satu subjek atleast 2 paper. so overall aku ada lebih kurang 10 paper. hamek kau!

 actually currently using this Samsung S3 updating this blog. so if there's typing error mybe sbb dia punya keyboard kecik and jari saya gabak. weng weng. actually aku bosan ni -,- demam kembali semula. terima kasih hafizuddin rahmat -,-

and senanya tengah cuti spm sempena deepavali and awal muharram. overall 11 hari cuti kalau tak salah kira laa. lega jap takyah gosok baju sekola ;D sooo tngah relax la ni kan haaa kan kan kan ;D sebelum aku dah melalut dan merapik lebih banyak. baik aku stop. haha spm disease k bye ;)

*hati aku masih belum recover. dah berapa bulan dah pun. kenapa la aida , kenapa. aku nak settle semua lepas spm. insyaAllah selesai. kalau berjodoh insyaAllah kekal. sekarang aku tutup mata. simpan hati je la dulu :')*

saya betul sayang, saya cuma takboleh lupa