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28 September 2012

Trial has done for about 2 weeks maybe? so the result, I can say improvement, and so do, lacking here and there.

currently my mood is swing everywhere. I get sick and tired of everything. I guess, I should just stay numb. Stop this. I hate this.


Raya HighLight :D

Kegilaan dalam kereta :D *Sibling 

Noraha Inc.

Noraha Inc. with Tok Ibu and Tok Abah :D

Syed Haffidzuddin yang femes tuh :O haha
Sekitar rumah Tok Teh di Desa Jaya :')
Aqeef Moment :D
Aqeef and Aiman moment :O *actually I'm off first Raya already. see? undo-ing
Rumah mak mentua di Kluang (?) hahaha no no no, rumah kawan lama ibu :)
baby-sitting my Abang :')
Mr Nor Ahmad :D
Mrs. Haryati
Siblong :D haha

Family ! Saranghaeyo !

Review on BigBang's BAD BOY mv :3

G- Dragon : you're really rockin' your hair ! ! ! I love your style :D
Taeyang : You are damn hot . NY belongs to you man! No spikes, but beanie :E
SeungRi : I don't know why, but I really noticed you the least. :'/ more stronger appearance maybe?
T.O.P : I would really pay you for at least a night. Sexual sensation. O.o
Daesungieeeeee : Your arms :O ! Why the hell are you touching that B*? touch me!!! I won't resist :3

hey. okay today's #BigBangInvention goes to Bad Boy music video.
Okay aku taknak sounded bias, so aku check out some music video reaction on this freakin' MV. and I guess wouldn't much different from mine :D haha okay 
( Check out their reaction here :D )

masa aku first dengar lagu ni, it wasn't like I'm already a fan of BigBang. Just started to hear them.
and yes I really thought like :O :O :O
"awwwwww :') they are super sexy!"
"swag man, SWAG!"
"sexy bad boys on da street galsss!"

ha okay, aku tahu lucah sangat. muahaha. no i'm just stating my opinion. and aku memang camni, no explanation provided. jeng jeng. yeaa i think it's not worth forcing korang to love this mv, just like how much i love :D so yeah. WATCH IT!

One word? Awesome !


Selamat Hari Malaysia

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Happy Malaysia Day

So so so so so happy to see it trending World Wide on twitter. Unexpected, SERIOUS :D
(no screen cap pulak, malas -.-)
so yeah. semoga Malaysia kekal sebagai negara bebas dan kukuh berdiri.
masalah politik ketepikan sebentar. 

Malaysia bukan kerana pentadbir, Malaysia kerana rakyat pecinta negara :')

16 September 1963

01 September 2012 - I thought . . .

I thought we are moving on.
I thought we are trying.
I thought we are gonna be okay.
I thought you would stay holding my faith.
I thought you are trying.
I thought we are improving.

Again, to know things by my own self, it hurts.
I don't share stories with people right away.
I keep it to myself, hurting alone.

"why should you stay with someone who hurts you while there is a guy that always make you happy"

It's not that I am controlling. I just afraid of losing you. hoping you got what I'm trying to say.

hmm I promise, if this (relay) is going on, I will be more considerate. and please promise, you will too. :')

29 Ogos 2012

I dont know what happen to this world. sesuka hati mereka je nak pinda tarikh trial. nasib baik paper aku tak kena teruk. anyway, 

19 Ogos 2012


Pagi raya aku mula dengan tangisan. and another torehan tangan. lepas kejadian teh tarik panas tu, kau tahu, pagi raya, aku cuba cari kawan bercakap. tapi aku faham semua sibuk. aku tak salahkan sesiapa. jadi aku lagi sekali bertindak toreh tangan tanpa berfikir panjang. yang ini masa sangattttt tak panjang untuk fikir. soo i was super duper desperate. and yess. i got scars. handful of scars.

these are just lines. because i dont even thinking i guess.

16 Ogos 2012

hai all. this would be one of  my hardest time till 16th August 2012. and yes, Love Failure.

For all, having a relationship is super fantastic. I swear.
Long term relationship ? SUPER HOT baby.

but guys to keep it up, its very hard. kadang kadang kita ingat kita dah buat yang terbaik, but still no enough. one thing to do is never ever tunding jari. it would be very stupid.

Kita tak boleh expect relationship stable je forever. there are always times where fight and betrayal. we just cant ignore all this stuff. face it, bear it, endure it.

yeah, and what i've been through, I swear it is fucking hard :'(

dear you, I know that I have no charm. and I know there are times where you get bored. but to know all this stuff. and i figure it out myself and not sharing it with anyone, it is stupidly fucking hard that I cannot stand any more. I could kill myself that night I swear. The pain is indescribable. I did what I promised I won't do.

Tak boleh tidur. So with unconscious mind , I do this. I swear, its kinda out of my control. and it still there today. aku bertattoo sekarang.

Stop saying it is berdosa and stuff. kalau aku boleh tahan diri, aku tahan. tapi tak boleh. aku tak sedar. menyesal ? mungkin, tapi benda dah jadi.dan benda tu masih ada.

trust me, kalau aku sedar, aku buat Infinity symbol. I have been love that symbol for so long. this symbol? aku pun tak tahu apa. i just start with a line (bottom line) but it was like.... i dont know what am i doing actually.

*malam tu, aku tak pasti aku tidur atau aku pitam. :'|

Summary Writing ( 2-3 weeks )

I have left this shiaaat for quite a time already. I miss writing. like seriously :D and the worst part, i left it with ma Korean Invasion mesti sakit hati gilee bukak blog terus Kpop stuff kan ( for non Kpopers )

okay since rumah ni baru je upgrade UniFi ^^ hehehe kite testing laa dulu kan :D memang timely gile la kan masa nak trial ibu pasang UniFi. -_- 

so yeah. I write everything happen in my green color daily diary :D *taking it* so imma  doing marathon after this :D

hmmm i guess i end this now, okay bye :D

*sounds happy kan?*