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Adam Lambert with Baby Cherry

if any one says these words before,
"he's so over theatrical" ,
"he wears eyeliner" , 
"his jeans are too tight",
"he shows dark image"

CUMON NOW ! see these pictures !

I flail so hard to this picture <3 Adam look so presh
make my day :')
introduce Riff Maxwell Cherry
look at that smile :')
Careful Uncle Dang Dang : D
Uncle DangDang, Baby Cherry, Scarlet Cherry
 if u guys still deny his sweetness, go see a doctor or something, or just die for over-pathetic,
maybe you need more love in this world to see this sweet stuff

Scarlet Cherry and her husband, Lee Cherry are Adam's friend from the Zodiac Show.
They been friends since before Adam joined American Idol :D
and Adam and his friend, Alisan Porter ( the Canyons ) are said gonna be Riff Cherry's god parents :)
good news for me 

these pictures are too sweet to handle,
i have to take my eyes over something else after 2 seconds !
any longer, i'll never left this screen ANYHOW!

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