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Assalamualaikum :)

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yeah.. as the title is rindu,, of course i miss sumone,. and of courseit is taffazani ikhwan bin hamdan saie! saie chenta awak laa! noe what rndu nan dye sanad! dye x call,, x text! aq sday nan dye,, wt happens to him! nk je gi umah dye tnye dye nape x wt aq cm dlue!! dye ade pompan laen ke? plz syg dont make me cry alone! u are always there by my side kn before this? where have u been!!

when i think about taffa,, i remember d day that i spend most of the time with him..19.2.2009.. TALK TO HIM.. sees his eyes,, sees his smile! the way he talks! make me crush on him! don't blame me for that.. u make me feels lyke that!!

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