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Assalamualaikum :)

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kadang-kadang kite x sedar yg ade org sgt mementingkn dri kite lebih dr org laen,

,aq rse cm tuh la,, it all about aq punye " bestie ", bestie la kate nye,, tp it just a word,, now i knoe that not everyone appreciate the presence of our selves, sometimes we should knoe how to fit in some situasion without hoping sumthink that are not even exist, yeah,, sound like heart breaks huh? yeah! thats it,, really break already,, 

n for you, "BESTIE", please tell me the truth, what do you expecting from me? a mountain of gold? all i want is a noble friendship between us that would make both of us happy to, sorry for being emotional, but there's one thing you should know, i had take a good care of you for about a year, and now i can see that you can take care of your own self by your own, so leave me just like you do to me earlier!

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