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semua makhluk yang di ciptakan di dunia ini ade keistimewaannya yang tersendiri, walaupun sama spesies tapi pasti ade satu perbezaan yang istimewa diantara mereka

well! korg,, kehadiran x pernah di hargai,,

haha,, well nk story,, td ptg anta my new kitten[s] to the veterinary,im getting excited to see my "mr. philipines", JOE! haha,, as we [me and my father] get there, i saw the shop is closed already! wah! im a bit sad la cause cannot see my JOE! atoy, then ayah call joe ask about the shop,,  then he takes away  my KOPITIAM [my cats, KOPI and TEH].. me: what are going to do?,, ayah: i jus call joe,, dye kt upstairs,, im going to smile but afraid that my ayah sees me smiling! haha,,

then he comes,, wil a coca cola,, the silver can,, not sure what type it is,, but he gives me the can,, im getting confuse, JOE: minum la klw nk,, tp lps bg kucing mkn ubat bg balek aer ni ok!,
ME: [snyum pisang] is this a joke,,? JOE: noe la,, mnum la,,

waiT! i dont drink that water ok!

after he gave my KOPITIAM the medicine, i gave back his drink,, JOE: apela,, org da bg xmaw amek! i just give a chicky smile to him!;P

i took this pix privately k! oh MY~ i love his hair,, it makes him even cute!

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