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ape komen korg?

well! 2010!!!! wow besh,, sbb ape pon aq xtw,, haha,, taon ni aq senior! yeah!
buli dak2 form1,, jahaat aq neyh,, hmm.. my tjok there abit confusing myself.. aq da naek 3 rkis!! naek babe,, tp mlgnye,, aq naek tp dak klas tuh trun,, aq mmg nk sgt msok klas rk1,, tp with my friends,,
but now,, spe sngke,, aq naek diuwg tron,, tp for that atiqah almari tuh xpe,, dye mmg lyk pon turon,, haha,, klas sgt bosan,, sgt racist,, wah,, sday! x aci,,  balqis mmg dri dlue rk1 ,, mne bleydye sapu sume jwtn ,, xkn original rk1 je dpt jobs! aq ni kne ade job ok!
hello! i'm here,, i'm better than you la darlinG!
wahh,, kerek plak tuh,, xde la,, x adil klw sume on dak rk1 originals je yg dpt,, abes aq? diuwg nie tah pape laa,,

but overrall the teachers best! hm,, they are firm,, but i njoy it! jus few teacher not reveal yet,, but i could wait what! this year i wil be a bit rajen la,, thats my job!

to dak2 rk2!
weyt,, engat x dlue kite sume x cmpor,, haha,, racist gile,, but then,, last year,, kite sume maken baek,, and last2 kite sume cm fmily, yours down is my down,, 
we all in this together,,
sume same,, xde beza,, yg susah kite sme2 naek kn? but now,, kite da brpisah,, im sure hbgn kite sume akn rnggang,, but what eve it is,, i jus nk ckp! yg korg sume mmg besh! and I LOVE YOU GUYS K!

2009 is the best year ever because of you all! thanks for make my life even better!!

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