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28 FEBRUARY 2010

 12.23 am

hey aq dpt mnde nie dr sumone,, then aq brminat lak dgn ape yg nyatakn ,, so lyn jee!

if one day,, org tanye you,, how you describe people, i mean, by his hair, by his talk, hm, senang cite, how you bole choose "HIM" to be the perfect guy to you, there must be some thing right?

well,, bile pk2 balek,, soalan ni meaningful,, yelaa,, we wont make friends with stranger easily kn? there must be something yg attract kite utk befriend dgn seseorg tuh btol x?
so this is my answer!

i wont talk about my "him" first,, firstly,, if i jumpe someone new, i tgk lips, i x tw nape? but i suke tgk bibir yg kissable,, that's adored me so much, there some examples!

this is SHIN KOYAMADA's lips

this is LUCAS TILL's lips

this is MARK WAHLBERG's lips

this is ADAM LEVINE's lips

4 examples that make me smile,,yeah,, i lyke yg kissable,, not SEXY okeh!
but sometimes org will says that this kind of lips are gays! haha,, xkesah laa,, 

now,, che taffazani ikhwan,, dye x de bibir yg kissable pon,, haha that's i about taffa,, HAHA

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