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25 MARCH 2010


ahaha, ape la yg kowg phm dgn ape yg aq tulis kt ats neiyh ^^,

well,, yeah! phone sye menghilang kn diri di jusco tempoh hari,, mse cuti seminggu ari tuh,,
ahahah,, malu aq~ punye la sayang pon ley elang er?
tuh laa,, nk sgt kuar gi jusco sndrik,,
xmao ade ebu,, amek kaw!
pengajaran utk kaw ayieda~

then i'm so scared to tell ebu the truth,
oh my~ seriously i'm gonna die,
but then, i realise that i have to!
its my fault,
i have to accept any punishment that been taken!

but, maybe its my day,
ebu x mara pon,
she just say, its okay~
things already happens,
do you know how happy i am ?

then my phone will be replace with CSL G4,
phone TV, hm,,
tgh nk "tame-tame" dgn phone nie,,
ok laa,, not badd,
sronok gak,,
ley blagak nan teman teman,,

crite da lame, but x crite pon kn?
i suda kne banned from using internet lg,,
skali skale oke laa,
mcm nie,, ehehe,,

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