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3 MAY 2010

i knoe we are no longer best-est friend,
as we had choose our own way,
but i wont forget you!
ILY sygs~

bkn luahan aq cinta padamu oke!
i just tell him the truth about "aq cinta padamu" last year,
aq da gtw dye [bkn taffazani ikhwan], and he could accept it just fine..
that would be more than enough for me!
thx,, it was such a great honour okie?
he was smiling when he heard that!
vungok! aq siyes la weyh!
i said that i was stupid for had crush on you,
he said it wasn't stupid, dont say like that again, i wont care about that!
that time , only then i felt what is relief!

all over the walk, we were smiling,,
laughing, joking!
it was fun!
thx okie~ you such a great guy to know,,

 to seri syazwani a.k.a ieka,
the tagged you had given to me,
later i answer la ea?
pnad laa,,

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