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23 JUNE 2010

, may god bless you in everyday of ur life!


weyh! sory laa, aq xsngaje nk mara kaw td, siyesly, mmg aq kcik ati psl tuh, but it was nothing act.
aq yg moody lbey, sory la weyh, aq da text kaw, kaw xrep,
aq tw kaw still read msg uh, aq da wt lwk pon kaw stil xrep, sory laa,,
aq tw aq bodo, kaw xslh pon, andai je aq xlwn kaw ckp td, msti xde mnde,,
aq nie ego an? always nk menang, aq tw,
sory la weyhh! aq siyes nie,,

aq xley ar kaw cmni, kite baru nk baek2. and now aq yg rosak an sume,
SORRY la weyh!  xsngajee,,
bg la aq explain why aq stress out smpai mara kaw, 
PLEASE! aq xbole ar nk cmni, 
kaw buad aq rse brslh gile!

weyh. aq x on phone sbb kaw tw!
sbb kaw sorg jep! aq akn on phone after kol 12,
kaw phm kn why? cume kaw aq je tw,
please weyh! forgive me, aq betol exhausted td!

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