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26 October 2010

again , everyone is like having their life happily again, probies? they already got over it !

me ?
sometimes it would be really fine ,
sometimes it would be more than miserable,

and now,
I hate this,
ouh shuttttt *

Syafi Haiman,
I know, I'm stupid, care others feeling too much.
But tell me, is it good to break those heart ?
You hate it when I'm sad , then?
Do you really think I am going to happy if they are all sad , because of me ?
You said that wasn't my fault if I said no to something I don't wanna do .
Well, you aren't wrong, but this is not TV series, dramatical
This is Life .
This is not Prisoner of Zenda , sacrifices love for country.
This is all for them, for all of them !
Didn't agree ? Then speaks for me, I don't know how to speak for my self, protect me then !

* thanks Syafi Haiman, nice laughing with you
* fb relationships? arghh !

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