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23 December 2010

Alhamdulillah :D

hyeee everybodyy ! iloveyou sooo much,
in every way, every inch of my love are just for youu-all !
haha, okay, beyond happiness !
7 out of 8 man ! 7A's man !
alhamdulillah !
its been straight but bengkok a little bit at the end,
haha, but MAN ! i only expecting of 4 or 5 !

first of all, thanks to God , Allah swt . .
i know i've been such a bad muslim,
and i deserve to get 7 only out of 8,
and my B subject is Islam ,
i deserve that, i know, but this is beyond all what i ever expected :DD

secondly, dearest parents !
for mummy, Haryati Abdul Karim,
you are the world best mum, 
i still remember the exam's night,
you read the book for me,
haha might be funny, but it really helps !
for daddy, Nor Ahmad Ramlan,
the best dad in the universe,
thanks for the constant support and advice !

dunno what to say,
Amirul Hassan and Siti Nur Aisyah,
you both always make me feel like a loser,
but i always know its a challenge for me to improve
and here it is dude ! haha ^^

to the teachers,
man ! there's no words to say how much you all meant for me,
for the support, for the teaches, for the patience,
and even for the pray,
since i was in the kindergarden till now and forever,
you guys are my teacher forever,
and maybe some of you didn't recognise me anymore
i just praying the best for all of you
thanks a lot !
i wish i could see you again,
and hug u, to show how much i love you all,
but just to ashamed to do that, sorry ^^

friends !
waaaaaaaaaaaa ! guys, thanks a lot !
i don't even know how to say how much i love you guys,
for making me laugh, and even for disturbing me while i'm studying,
haha ^^ it's great cause u guys help me to reduce all the tense, 
guys, i just love you soo much,
and just now, meeting and laughing and smiling, and stuff,
haha it just lovely guys,
and congrats too,
you guys had the best result ever right ?

and for all that are not happy with their result,
i'm reminding you,
what we get for our own self are the best for us,
with that result we are fated to be who we are,
you may be ashamed,
but please, not with me, with us,
in every up and down,
we're together, no matter how,
we always could lend our shoulder for you okay?

Lambert !
haha, thanks for being who you are,
and accompany me all night which i couldn't sleep,
haha you even make me smile !
when i should shivering and trembling, 
thanks tho ! ILY <3

man ! all of it, the books writer, the book publisher,
the cleaner, the canteen worker,
the cook, the bus driver, the guard, the schoolmates,
the junior and the senior,
the contractor worker ( labour ), the shoe maker, the tailor,
everyone dude ! everyONE !
everyone that i know or not,
thanks for everything for what ever you did,
haha ^^


and now i'm confuse to stay at Johore Bahru or move on to Melaka
i hate this

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