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30 Dec 2010

heyhoo ! okay,
here's are some amazing people i found ! yay !
they are persons who are not deaf and has been burnt inside by the great Adam Lambert,
totally, i'm soooo jealous !
they had been to the Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia ,
felt like crying for real, i didn't made it there,
the worst part is i just know him on 13th October 2010 ( my birthday )
too late for everything 

okay this are the posts about that concert:

the first person is the one i met in twitter,
okay, this pretty lady first i met when i post this
then out of sudden, i try to search more news about Lambert
so click click ! :DD
then i saw this Glambert just tweeted this
i was like " yay ! i found a Glambert ! "
then i guess i wasn't just happy to find her,
but amazed as she had been to GNT !
so i need to know more bout her experience there,
and i found her blog
here's the link :DD
twitter: @aimiJ
*she's a proud Malaysian and friendly too ^^*


i'm pretty sure her name is Qilah, ryte?
okay, she's a friend of @aimiJ
maybe bestfriends, as they went to the GNT together,
i found her by twitter, no need to guess how i think ?
i still in pending to follow her twitter,
but that's okay if she don't approved it,
that's privacy ryte?
here's the link to her blog that i found
otwitter : @QilahWahi
*never talk to her, i'm pretty sure she's a nice lady :D*

did you read that i felt like crying?
i'm sorry, but yes I'm crying

1 comment:

Aimi J. said...

Awww! I'm so flattered. Thank you for such a nice post on myself as well as my friend. It was an amazing experience for us both and we are lucky to be among the ones who get to see him perform live. Don't worry, your day will come. It may not be this year or next year but it will one day. As long as Adam keeps on making beautiful music :)