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okay guys, i know i should talk about my trip the other day, not bout Lambert,
i'm sorry, but i just missed him i guess ^^

okay the trip wasn't a great blast, but sincerely,
it was a trip for myself, i really get the time of myself to relax
else than be on the line 24/7,
and my mind are now relaxed a bit before getting on the line back, haha ^^
and guys, i would say i made a decision for my love life,
but schooling next year? not yet ! haiss -_________-

favourite boy on the trip

maaf kerana menyiarkan gambar awak ye insan yang tidak dikenali ^^
awak agak comel di situ, haha :DD


princess FADIELA said...

gila kao daa .mamat mane pulak tuwh? ahaha

AYIEDA hotaru said...

anak kawan apak aq, haha ^^