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23 February 2011

there is always a chance for you if you're serious :)

hari ni, study group seyh, haha macam tak caya je Cool Beans reti nak duduk and study,
bukan sekadar berjalan, berbowling, berkarok, bergossip, bermovie, berjalan,
bangga ni :DD

gua ajar PA, haha :DD
lu orang rety ker? lagy lagy budak Bio,
hahak, cuba try buad PA :3

and wahh! luahan perasaan nampaknyaa hari ni?

Don't deserve me?
That makes me feel that I'm the one who don't deserve you :')


I Love My BoBo :D

Google Ur Self?

-___- my friends any how 
Nazri Zamri :D

cool coincident :D

*p/s : ternyata kaw serius dalam senyuman , hhaha

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