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25 March 2011

Glam Nation Live DVD, baby come to me :'|
available on 22nd March, and decided to look for it on 23rd March,
still not available here, in Johor Bahru :"{
and today is 25th March, dunno whether its already here,
and hopin' tomorrow, 26th March, i got a chance to check it out
*crossing fingers*
p/s : damned jealous to everybody that hugging their DVD :\


" eah, diurang cakap kita couple laa "
"memang laa"
"bile ea"
tibetibe, seorang rakan berkata
"apakata sekarang je, hari berapa tarikh? 25 March..."

- no komen -

p/s: padan muka tergolek, haha sapa suroh gedik jadik gimnast tibetibe?

you cakap apa tadi?: "sayanggg sayang"

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