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3 April 2011

hye awakk :D lama tak update blog kan kan?

saya buzy la awak ,nak online pon susa kadang kadang, kesian sayaa kann?
*saya awak?*

hee, suda mahu seminggu kan? takpela, nak buad camnee, hee,

er, apa khabar ? <---- taktaw nak tanya apa -.-"

okay within about a week, i've gone through much stuff,
which kills me inside , but i'm not dead yet,
haha, no laa, it just killing my strength a bit,
( chewahh strength ni :P penat je sebenarnyaa )
Imma bit tired but its all worth it : )

tengok calendar jap 
click to enlarge : D

31 March tuh tak muat nak masokkan lagi satu story laa
 owned it !!!

ouh yaa, 1 April, saya gembiraa : D
2 April saya gembiraa jugaa :D

edit pon da penat, tengok tuh je la ea?

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