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On behalf of her...

Dear Siti Hajar Zainuddin,

akak mintak maaf on behalf of my adek, guess akak da dapat whats the problem here, and I'm intended to know moree.. hopefully we got a chance to talk bout this more. and and, kita cool kan?

seriously, maluuuu sangat dengan perbuatan adek , tapy sebodoh mana pon dye, adek tetap adek, i will still stand for her, and i could not just sit back and watch those stuff like tiang letrik =.="

for those, stop pushing her like that, orang tuh mang salah, aq takcakap dye betol, siket pon dye tak betol, mang dye salah, tapy tengok la beza umur dye dengan korang.

this is an open talk, she not even reaches her puberty level, she can't even think what's good for herself.. yes, i'm agree that she should learn from mistake, totally agree, but what do you expect from someone with that age to learn so much things bout life? embarrassment? even me, can't take that.this may sounds bias but yes, I'm the older sister, let me back her up.

No need for revenge. Just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves.
yess, she's screwed :{

just a piece of note from a sister : |

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