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04 October 2011

- Current Situation - Buzyyyyyyyyyyyyy -

I'm working on my Projek Prinsip Perakaunan and need to be done ( seriously , no joke ) or else i wont be able to take my SPM next year, how exhausting -.-

I had already done about half of it, but sudden attack from virus from the school computer lab, my work all gone =/= i mind was fucked up. so i need to start all over again like hell , thank you virus :')

and yeah, HELLO OCTOBER :D nice to see yaa.

ouh yeeee. Syafi Haiman was here :)
hai syafiii, thanks sbb mention blog ni kat sekola tetibe =/=
hahaha kbyeee :)

thanks dear , it's .................... sweet :') ily MHR

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