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25 January 2012

Beware of Precaution

bright day everyone. sekarang tengah cuti CNY and biasalah, cuti seminggu. seriously RELIEVED gila bole tak?
form 5 memang sesak -_-

anyway, the other day was hari temu mesra parents with teacher . and most of parents datang and talk about their kids la kan. what happen, what to do, and a lot more stuff. and saya tidak terkecuali -__-

when the time came, yeah ayah jumpa Pn Celine, a bit late, but what ever . they talk and the first thing she told about me is " she is very buzy " hahahahhahaa dia explain saya seorang yang sangat buzy. last year when i was the class monitor and also a active student . i kept going out the class. haa i need to gain much more kokurikulum marks eah! 

so this year i tried to gain marks by a little less than last year la. but still buzy .___.
she also complaint about my homework -__- okay i had this problem since like forever. i can't be punctual. its not me, and it cant happen. like seriously. i've tried, and i just cant. i need seriously balance my happy life more than study life. i am FREAKING serious. 

i had serious time for being in the position of kemurungan ( for your information )
i had serious dark memory in the past
i had serious life complication once.
so i really need to balance my happy life seriously. we don't anybody hurts physically and mentally right?

actually aku taknak cerita pasal hari temu mesra pun. and actually aku tak ada cerita.
and aku actually taktaw macam mana nak bangkitkan isu ini.

it about the past. personally i got, and it was a serious issue.
and i don't know bout you guys. seriously does it ever bring you down, like seriously down.
i was down, few times. and seriously not good.

and people usually said that buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih. and i do take it as advice
but still it haunts.

at the moment you know u falls, then fall. stay there , and revise what's wrong. keep revise and be sure when you stand up, there's nothing can bring you down again.

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