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10 Ogos 2012

Lemme tell you this week had gone. It sucks chicken's d**k.

I never thought that I really gave up my school day for a person. yeah. so true. I intentionally left my Monday school for a person, for a call. which ends at about 10 am. haaa its fun though talking to you.

My Tuesday starts with my school assembly. I was about to get in the line, and out of sudden my name was called. I was called to be on the stage as a detention for my absence in Monday. I was like incredibly feeling stupid =-= that night, i got too much hit on Facebook. shut up shut up its embarrassing . Luckily my twitter are kinda privated. so yeah. haha

Wednesday, my day would be just okay in school. still got embarrassed for yesterday's issue. its a hot issue -.- decided to go to catch on something on the internet but too lazy to go home -.- so i go to cc taman intan with Suhai and Novi ( Kak Chik ). hmm balik tu, sadly, shockingly in bad ways - I got sexual harassment by a Indian man in a golden Proton Wira. but alhamdulillah nothing bad happen then.
# Seeing a boy with new hairstyle and glasses, you really looking good man.I am so impressed. Almost don;t know you. and this is my number, call me maybe? hehe

Khamis. hmmm what was it about eay? haa nothing much. sincerely nothing.

Friday. aku kesian tengok majlis iftar sekolah. yee boleh tahan orang datang. tapi kenapa? pelajar Form 5, Form 6 and Form 3. nak periksa besar, tapi langsung tak endah kan amal ibadah, walau pun sekadar sunat. aku bukan la pandai bab agama ni. aku jahil. 5 waktu tak cukup juga selalu. tapi sekadar menegur.

Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.

Siapa makan cili terasa pedasnya.

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