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Birthday 2012 :') - Happy Seventeenth

budak budak tucen kasi :') maseh korang :')
ehemmm buat muka comel kononnya :3
Overall dinner at ViVo AEON Tebrau City, JB
Potong kek di Taman Kebun Teh, JB :) from left: Me, Ayah and dearest Tok Abah.
Sesi Pengumpulan Hadiah :D
Haaaaa these are all I get on my birthday :D
Novi Astika, thank you. this is sooooooooo damn special. Your face is totally gettin' in that!
Thank you Auntie :D
Thanks Ibu!! :D saranghaeyo!
Fakhira , Kyra Kyro kasi :D haaa comel sangat, thanks :D <3
Thanks :') tak sangka pulak kasi hadiah betul betul.
and setelah tanya pakar (ibu - pengalaman dalam dunia bisnesnya tinggi), harganya around RM30.
okay quite expensive for a pen kan? and i think its priced too much for a gift, especially for me :O

hmmmm there are few more photos, but too malas to search and upload because mostly gambar di pasir gudang dalam BB ibu. twitter je laa kot, . Danga Bay walk, its a private practice :p haha okay bye~

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