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Big Bang Ingredient?

Hey, guys. I've been wandering around the net and found this. based on the writing, I'm telling you, they know what they are talking about. they make you think and agree. Even you might against it coz you love them to death, but you really think back. I swear it's true :)


G-Dragon is the main reason that Big Bang can set itself apart from most K-pop acts. There’s been a lot said about him being the most overrated artist in K-pop, but I don’t think that’s true. When it’s all said and done is there any other current K-pop artist that has written more hit songs than G-Dragon? No. His voice isn’t the greatest, but he makes it work, he’s got major swag, fashion sense, and can work a stage like few others. He said before that he doesn’t like being called a musical genius and I think I can understand why. If he were a genius everything musically would come to him easily, but it didn’t. I think G-Dragon is successful because he worked damn hard with what talent he had because he was following his dreams.

TOP is a gem because no matter what, when he steps on a stage he brings the mad charisma and when he speaks… ah, a voice like no other. TOP is definitely the wild one in Big Bang and even though he’s the hyung he wasn’t encumbered by the responsibilities of being the leader which fell to G-Dragon. He brings the mischievousness to Big Bang. As for TOP’s dancing skills… ah really at the level he’s at now and being a rapper–does he really have to dance?

Daesung is the heart of Big Bang. His smile and voice lights up the stage for Big Bang. His voice is seriously awesome- he’s got great range, tone, and strength. I seriously think he could handle any of the singing parts in their songs if he had too. His voice adds such great dimension and depth to their songs. He’s the most lovable and humorous, and is the most compassionate of the group.

Taeyang I think is the rock of the group. He’s the calm, strong, and steady one that they can all rely on to hold the group together. His voice is good and he has a great persona on stage. His and Seungri’s vocals are very similar and could probably be sung by either of them. He’s probably the best dancer, although the competition between him and Seungri is pretty tight.

Seungri, you know I’ve come to appreciate Seungri. He’s like everyone’s bratty little brother and has a drive for success like no other, but you gotta respect that. I agree that he has improved a lot from when he first started out. I mean what fun would the few appearances on variety shows that Big Bang does go on be if it weren’t for the stories about Seungri, or the stories that Seungri tells.
Actually, iI wouldn’t give up anyone from Big Bang, but if I had to I’d get rid of Seungri (sorry, Ree). I also really enjoy most of their solo work and loved the GD&TOP collab.

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