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enam februari duaribusepuluh


firstly,, happy saka day! 06 february 2009
misz u guys a looooooot!
kowg mmg rawk arn,, tp skunk da xbpe kamceng wif certain2 people je,, but its ok!
  • mr. sopyan syaipal rohman [ btol ka eja? xpe2,, he is a good leader,, always smile,, his the one who save my kuku kaki! wahh such a man,, thx abe yan!]
  • ms. nurulhuda nadzirah [ such a best pal,, talk a lot,, and gossips a lot!]
  • ms.zahidah [ laugh a lot,, a bit "selekeh" why? because when we are eating she's talking about shit! haha SHIT! ]
  • ms. nurdinnahani [ she's kinda cute,, serious of course ]
  • ms. siti zuiddahyu [ less seeing her then all these monkeys above, but she's nice and always make joke of me ]
  • ms allikodi [ she's indian, and a bit arrogant la,, but i wont mind]
  • mr. nurazli shah [ he's a guy who talks a lot,, he's extremely friendly]
  • mr. muhd afiq [ ow secret admire,, your secret already revealed,, haha no feelings any more k ]
  • mr muhd izad [ he's dak ptg and very good wif me,, we were jus fine,, yeah we are friends]
  • ms zulaikha [ i tought? a very nice girl,, she's quiet to much,, then i not really knoe bot her la ] 
  • ms atikah almarwan [ go to hell je la cow nie haha]
2ndly, 06/02/2010 firstday ever talk to my future brother-in-law la,, mr izzudin ikhwan bin hamdan,, chomell budak nye! korg? xley lawan,, tp harmizi tuh pon comell gak! muke iras2 taffa jea,, haha,, hidupku pnoh dgn budak2 chomell,, hapy slalu la aq cm nie!

3rdly, 06/02/2009 is the first day me and mr taffazani ikhwan ever met! wahh! this is better then valentine! i still laughing when we first met, it is like ha ha, we knoe each other by accident
venue: AKLi
date: 06 february 2009
ok, mse tuh sume kne bg name description words by words,, and then i got you secara rambang,, because it is buadd by pusingan laa,,! i jus give my description,, n u gives yours,, we finish very awal,, then,, dont knoe what todo,, i take ur paper and reads ur A's description,, in other words,, i copy you la, haha,, and those three days., i sits besides u,, tp xprasan sgt pon,, trlanggar sket tuh normal la,, btu x pnah nk prasan sgt kn? haha,, then bru prasan after one day abes kem tuh,, and tgk sume gmbar2 kt sane,, haha,, pape jela kite ni kn taffa?

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