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31 JANUARI 2010


okay,, today is sunday and the last day of the month january 2010,, means orientation 2010 da abes,, and its time to keep on running to the mountain,, haha,, no! to the rainbow,, kne shining taon neyh utk dpt yg trbaek! chaiyokk chaiyokk!

but aq x nafikn,, that this year gonna be hard or kate tough!aq taon nie ptot lupekn kesah silam such as,, jantan2 "kebret" yg aq knl,, haha,,xiao je mulot aq neyh,,! yeah,, im forgetin them all! sory guys,, stop givin me hope again! im forgetting you,, and its all gonna be fine!

hm,, mybe this i got complication with my friends as we growing up! its gonna be hard,, but relax,, it gonna be fine! i swear!

andd i will make this year,, less tearss,, and less fear! that what gonna happens!

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