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22 Oktober 2010

why do I had to do that ( again )?

the day started nicely and smoothly, seriously, presentation, who the hell knows that I could do something like that huh? but just because peeps that un-matured, and has no self-determination, things turn around ! teachers ! stop playing with words, they cant think carefully you know !

1.  Morning session vs.  Afternoon session

like hell, everybody was like "morning ! morning !" but after Mr. Ghadafi plays with his words, they change their words .  SLUTS, kalaw da kate xmaw petang, then why u guys memandai-mandai masok group laa, futsal laa, sukaneka, xde pendirian eak? bodo, da  confirm la petang kan macam tuh, then, waste je laa, mengong ! PASANG PERANGKAP, DIRI TERJERAT !

now, aq yang penink pale, law turon petang kaw kene ekot laa, luckily kaw cume jadik emcee ayieda ! thats what i said THINK WISELY, dont do anything that u dont wanna do earlier!

2. HATY kuh patah tah tah tah !

kenapa aq buad mende yang aq xpatot buad, patah kan haty sendry aduh! ayieda, move on laaa! astaghfirullah hal azim ! lupekan la dye ni! xke mane pon kaw dengan dye

2 problems, 1 solution,
committed suicide !

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