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21 October 2010

had ever any-one, any-one of you being alone ?
shitt, i hate this damn much!

eah eah ! what did I post on the Facebook,
"‎: seem like everybody have their own lover, me? ouh I got a liver ! :)"

lawak ke? huh, seday nyee,
xpe laa, just show everybody yg kite ni JUST FINE kan ?

ahai, lw tunjok pon, ape pekdah* nye,
bukan orang nak dengar, huh !

so, we just turn back around, before my BFF* came,
I used to being alone, and kept it all inside of me,
everything change after that,

and now, he's having his life,
with wonderful things,
apart from me actually,

so, I just need to get into the old track back,
the old, long track,

* happy happy yeah ! I'm watching you over here ! *

haha, cafi sengal ! tapy honestly, ILY laa !

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