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04 November 2010

Jeng Jeng Jeng !
I'm changing ! poof*
Change already, what no changes ? 
-.-" I'm not changing laa.

wattafak am i talking about ? haha, bia je laa, tengah annoyed nie, tp hais, macam xpenah jadik je kat aq before, tp kenapa jadik lagi ? i tot sume ni da over, its time for me to rise semula, but never meant for me kott, hais,

hotaru : ayieda, u nak lawan dye ke ? banyak kali kalah kan?
ayieda : i taw laa
hotaru : tp dont give up, there's not a star u cant reach
ayieda : iyerlaa
hotaru : u dengar x ? i nasihat nie, u jangan pandang sebelah mata
ayieda : dengar laa
hotaru : ergh ! u nie siyes laa siket
ayieda : tengah siyes la nie, -.-"
hotaru : i sayang u ^^
ayieda : da taw da -.- (walks away)

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