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3 November 2010

Happy Birthday Novi Astika
haha ! semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki, er forget the past and keep moving forward yeah !
aku sayang kaw, betol nie, x tipu :)

Hey, I just get to know him, its impossible okay .
we're just friends! he won't tegur I lagi if I suka kat dye ( T.T )
haha serious nie,
his position is just the same like abang aiman, kaswi and hady sebelum nie,
hot and available bachelor yang di-adore by a geek -.-"
I adore mereka haha !
but ini yang paling rapat laa 
crush ? maybe no , I really don't wanna think bout love now, its hurts .

* Tu laa, I let you go into your bed , you x maw, 
"not until u sleep"
but see ? You sleep then,
seems like I'm the one who are suppose to say those,
and few moments after that, I also asleep, haha ^^
er but that's okay if you are asleep,
U had done the same thing like I did last night right ?
I asleep when text-ing with you before, ha-ha, sorry :) !

Best-friend ! after days never meet, I text-ed you last night,
tapy I tertido pula -.-" seday gilaa !
sebab lepas ni tak tau nak text bila,
neway, gudluck with your new, black guitar,
pasni you lagi terer dary I laa,
it's your own, while me, I just pinjam abang, T.T
abang nak bawak pegi KMJ sudaa

biarlaa, er seriously I Miss You laa!

hady, faten, jed, novy, hakim,
T.T sumpah miss gila nan korang

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