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29 November 2010


okay, as i know , today the MRSM test are held,
wahh ! soo excited for u guys okay,
okay, pagy2 faten da text,
*not really pagy, tengahhary, i just woke up,
haha ^^
dye cakap Maths is hard,
aww ! i really wish i could answer it,
but its a computerization questions,
so cannot laa -.-"

so there, my bestfriend-s duh !
Faten , Hady , Jed , Amer 
aww , i really wish i'm there with u guys,
lamenyee x hangout nan korang (T.T)

while aq kat rumah,
online je laa,
maen game kat fesbuk nie
okay, frontierville is now my fav,
dont ask why, because i dont know

first account x syok,
second account best play this thing ^^
got more neighbor and active player 

clicking game !
haha, simplest game duh !

all of it are zynga games,
they always got the best game,
congrats for your intelligents

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