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Adam Lambert on Campbell Live - Living A Dream Interview

" No matter what your path is, what's your sexuality is,
what the color of your skin, what your religion is .
It's about positive energy and love .
It's a bit clisye* (dunno the real spelling haha ^^)
but that's really what it is about .
Making things, creating connection with people,
and as long as u can find a way to do that 
and be happy, that's all you need.

So forward your head and try to find that .
It's not about being famous , it's not about being right or wrong ,
it about just carving your own path out
and finding people along your ride that see eye to eye with you .

Being honest with people all around you .
That's the key of a true Happiness .
Living in denial ,  or in shame or a lie ,
its not gonna be an pleasant journey .

So find the thing that makes you you and be proud of it.
Anything is possible "

Being True of Yourself !

* hey alynrazaly :
yeah ! still with Lambert,
sorry if you are annoyed with it,
anyway good to hear that you are okay now,
gain up some weight yah !

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