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A conversation With An Australian Radio

Steve  : What's  that loaded smile for ?
Adam : It's al-right, you'll be fine baby, I'm in control
Steve  : what? and who's that man strutin' in like floosie,
Adam : I told you to wait in the car !
Andy  : Hi ! I'm Andy, I'm Adam's boyfriend, who were you?
Steve  : I'm his ..(lost).. I'm his partner ! ADAM ! what's going on here ?
Adam : yayaya, I'll explain , see, Baby, you're beautiful, there's nothing wrong with you,
Andy  : U always said that I was beautiful, I've tought that I was your sure fire winner
Adam : Andy , do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I'm about to do? Because it's about to get rough for you, I'm here for your entertainment !
Andy  : My entertainment? What are you talkin' about Adam? I'm not after-show-girl, I thought I was special!
Adam : Well now here we are, what do you want from me ?
Andy  : I wanna you hold me tide, in ..(lost).. position

Steve  : how's your Australian accent Adam?
( not so good , he's good in British )

Steve  : So Adam , what are you going to do to fix this mess up?
Adam : I'm working it out,  please don't giving, I wont let you down, it mess me up, but I need a second to breath, just keep comin' around
Andy  : Well you can stick your trick up your A Adam, I rather ..(lost again).. than be with you
Steve  : I Love you Adam, and I'm sorry I haven't paying there for you certainly
Adam : It's me, I'm a freak,but thanks for loving me, you doing it perfectly
maybe I did a lot of mistakes on what they are talking, I'm a slightly deaf ! haha ^^

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