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1 December 2010

December wakes me up !

this morning (noon) i awaken by mr. Amer Ali bin Malek,
yelaa !
Happy Birthday okay?
aq xlupe ponn,
bangun2 aq teros berenang bawah katil nak amek phone,
sbb kaw call taw !
terhantuk -.-"

okay okay,
malam nie,
i'll try to not let my self text him,
i xnak dye menang EGO,
let him text me,
-.-" kalaw dye x text ?
arghh ! ayieda let it be, okay ?
malam nie jee,
ARGHHH ! I Miss Him,

if i text dye, then dye reply,
dupdap nak bukak okay,
nervous !

yelaa, mane taw dye kate
"heyy, sory buzy"
"hey, i ngantok laa"

damn it, -.-"
don't text him! 

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