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27 December 2010

Happy Birthday Siti Nur Aisyah !
Happy Birthday Nurfadhilah Supanat ( 28 Dec )!
Happy Birthday Izzati Farizan ( 29 Dec )!

hi all ! okay, people starts talking, yeah i know, i'm not on the line for so long right?
haha guys nooo ! I've been on the line everyday , or should I say everynight,
yes ! I'm on the line late night,
I'm used to be at 11pm, but now, time change it all ^^,

sorry if anybody misses me :DD

okay, I'm getting buzy on the morning,
if anybody wondering,
yes I'm working now :)
as what? that would be a secret :O
haha ^^

and I'm lately had a lot of travelling
it's family business,
sorry, can't tell u much on that , 

and if any of my friends read this,
you could tell them bout this,
if there's one laa,

well my blog wasn't that popular :p

1 comment:

princess FADIELA said...

weyhh ! tengss okee :) ily plus plus haha