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Assalamualaikum :)

A little something about me you can't deny :]
Addicted to the one and only Mr. Adam Mitchel Lambert
I may annoy you a lot
Haters, shut your mouth, it doesn't worth it.
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a tag from Hanis Suhaila

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Name : Siti Nur Aida binti Nor Ahmad
Nick Name : Ayieda :DD
Birthdate : October 13, 1995
Birthplace : Poliklinik Lahtipah, Bandar Baru Uda
Current Location : Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Eye Color : Brownish Black
Hair Color : mostly black
Height : 155+ lama tak ukur
Weight : -.-" secret laa, haha :D
Piercings : None
Tatoos : Not yet ! haha :D
Boyfriend/Girlfriend : mostly normal boys and girls

Vehicle : not yet Ford Mustang or a Hummer
Overused Phrase : " Man ! Damn it ! "


Food : -not specified-

Pub/Disc/Restaurant : Restaurant ofc !
Candy : -not specified-
Number : 24
Color : dull and stern brownish blacken grey :DD figure it out
Animal : kittens ^^
Drink : 100plus
Body Part on Opposite sex : -_____-
Perfume : -not specified-
TV Show : Keeping Up with th Kardashians

Music Album : For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

Movie : Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Actor/Actress : Chris Colfer and Jessica Alba

This or That

Pepsi or Coke : both no

McDonalds or BurgerKing : McDonalds
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug : Hugs and Kisses :DD haha
Dog or Cat : Cat
Rap or Punk : Rap
Summer or Winter : Summer
Scary Movies or Funny Movies : Scary movies :DD
Love or Money : Love with Money along


Bedtime : -not specified-

Most Missed Memory : childhood memory

Best physical feature : i'm not a gymnast 
First Thought Waking Up : what I did last night till I could sleep tightly :DD

Ambition : -not specified- . . . yet

Best Friends : faten, hady, bobo, amer, jed, . . . and list goes on .
Weakness : enemies

Fears : cemetery
Longest relationship : almost a year , stupid hell relationship :x ( anes kita sama )


Cheated Your Partner : i guess so

Ever been beaten up : yup
Ever beaten someone up : yes, standard one ^^
Ever Shoplifted : no
Ever Skinny Dipped : no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : no
Been Dumped Lately : not yet, but i dumping once


Favorite Eye Color : Grayish Blue with Guy-liner :DD

Favorite Hair Color : Black with a little Blue

Short or Long : Emo Haircut what people says

Height : Just nice
Style : Glamrock, haha ^^ just the way he is ,
Looks or Personality : Personality :DD
Hot or Cute : Hot
Muscular or Really Skinny : not too Muscular !

*p/s : man ! you know who am I talking about ,


What country do you want to Visit : Hollywood or London City ?

How do you want to Die : in the arms of my love, haha ^^ man ! never thought of it ~
Been to the Mall Lately : hm, yeah i guess 
Get along with your Parents : at times 
Health Freak : no
Do you think your Attractive : damn it ! haha ^^
Believe in Yourself : at times
Want to go to College : Johor Matriculation College
Do you Smoke : no
Do you Drink : no
Shower Daily : yes
Been in Love : i guess so
Do you Sing : yes
Want to get Married : yes
Do you want Children : yes
Age you wanna lose your Virginity : same as Mr. L , 21 y/o, haha ! weyh -_- whenever after marriage laa
Hate anyone : maybe
How old you partner : i don't have a permanent partner man, but for now, same as me :D

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