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"My 19 + 14 Minutes survey"

a tag from Hazirah MN ( take a look okayy ^^

Instruction : Once you are tagged , answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating yee :)

Starting time :
12:41 AM waktu malaysia
Name :
Siti Nur Aida binti Nor Ahmad
Brother :
Amirul Hassan (bin yang same yee )
Eye colour :
Dark Brown :D
Shoe Size :
upps. kasut bowling saye size 3 while everyone mintak 7, haha ^^
Hair :
ehem, terlepas  bahu , 
Piercing :
Height :
155+ ( it been months x ukor okkay , haha )
What are you wearing now :
A really loose t-shirt, brown coloured and a short ^^
Where do you live :
Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Favourite Number(s) :
4, 24, 13, 45
Favourite Drink :
i would say 100plus, hee ~
Favourite month : 
October laa ! bukan sebab birthday, but ussually that month teaches me something
Favourite Breakfast : 
er, a great roti canai panaspanas ! haha

Broken a bone
not yett ! haha
Been In a police car : 
er, i can't recall it, maybe yes, maybe no ,
Fallen for a friend : 
few times ,
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : 
yeahh !
Swam In the ocean : 
ocean? i would say yes, but can't be sure
Fallen asleep In school : 
i would say yes ! but not often because banyak gangguan kat sekola tuh
Broken someone's Heart : 
maybe, I'm SORRY !
Cried when someone died : 
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call :
yeah, but not all night man ! i got things to do too
Saved E-mails : 
Been cheated : 
maybe yes,

Your room look a like :
sumtimes a room for real, sumtimes i would say the store ^^
What is right beside you : 
phone, mouse, chairs, 
What is the last thing you ate : 
bubur McD , melantak ayah punyaa ! haha sedapp bro !

Who did you last yell : 
Adam Lambert ^^
Who was the last person you danced with : 
Siti Nur Aisyah, we danced "Sorry Sorry" haha
Who last made you smile : 
Adam Lambert, and the Cool Beans !

What are you listening to right now :
Adam Lambert - MasterPlan, its nice ! hear it ,
What did you do today : 
CityVille-ing, FarmVille-ing, FrontierVille-ing, text-ing, cook-ing,
chat-ing, vote-ing (the Grammy's for Adam Lambert), and ofcourse Lambert-ing
Are you the oldest : 
Indoors or outdoors : 
In and Out !

Talk to someone you like :
NO! but someone i love(friends) yes,
Kiss someone : 
no ! i need a kiss ^^
Sing : 
always man !
Talk to an Ex :
 -.-" please ! i don't want to
Miss someone? : 
hell yeah !
Eat : 
ofc laa, i don't wanna mati kelaparan !

You talked on the phone to : 
mommy !
Made you cry :
 I A I and  T I
You went to the mall with :
 yesterday with FRIENDS !
Who cheered you up :


Been to Mexico? : 
Been to USA? : 
nope , i hope so soon

Have a crush on someone :
yes yes yes !
What books are you reading right now : 
i'm not a good reader
Best feeling in the world : 
in love baby
Future kids name : 
i love the name "Zarith", "Naim", and "Ikhwan"
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : 
recently no, 
What's under your bed : 
a lot of things man !
Favourite sports : 
american soccer, haha, bola sepak laa, football
Favorite place : 
setakat ini, Melaka
Who do you really hate : 
Haters ! cumon guys, join the cause !  NO H8
Do you have a job : 
Imma Blogger haha !
What time is it now : 
1.14 AM

With however long it took you to complete this ,
post as "My __ Minutes survey" and tag 15 peoples. 

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Zarith Hawany






damn it, xramai laa, okay let see, sape yang terbaca ini sila amek as a tag okay ?

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