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Adam saying before he sang ACIGC at Los Angeles 15/12 :D

"Ladies and Gentlemen, that show I told you about six years ago... I think you heard a soundcheck. You did, didn't you? That show we did six years ago, I sang a song...and Monte actually suggested, he said “Man, we gotta do that song again!”. The circle is now complete. But the thing about it that is so weird is that it already completed itself once .I was asked by the producer of American Idol to sing that song in the finale. And the thing about this song is that it’s an amazing anthem that was originally intended for civil rights. And, ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t noticed, the gay and lesbian community is in the civil rights movement right now.

And so the song has taken a lot of personal meanings for me, both as a community and also personally. Being told years ago: “You’re not gonna fucking make it looking like that!” And when I sang it at the Zodiac show years ago, they told me in rehearsal they said... Before, I was working on a project and they said: “You've got to take off your eye make up and your nail polish, man, we’re just very uncomfortable.” I looked at them and said: “I’m in rehearsal and I’m a fucking singer, what the fuck's your problem?” So when I was asked to the Zodiac Show that charged my performance. And then in the long run it was the same thing, NO, NO, NO, you’re never gonna make it, NO, NO, NO, well ladies and gentlemen.

I don’t mean to sound cocky, cause I’m not. I’m just very proud and I have my friends to thank for their support, but we just did a world tour and I got a GRAMMY NOMINATION.

And the only reason why I bring that up is to say that ANYBODY THAT TELLS YOU NO, TELL THEM “FUCK YOU”!!!

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