Who's Laughing Now - Jessie J.

Assalamualaikum :)

A little something about me you can't deny :]
Addicted to the one and only Mr. Adam Mitchel Lambert
I may annoy you a lot
Haters, shut your mouth, it doesn't worth it.
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Relationship status - I'm dating someone :D
English > Malay *sometimes*


Y ( ^ _ ^ ) Y


ouh yaa ! ini lagu baru di belogg
If I Had You - Adam Lambert

jangan jeles tengok saya menari ea? haha ^^
okay happy nie, kenapa?
eah bahagia bercinta laa, haha
xde laa , mane ade bercintaa,

okay okay,
few things ,

For the apple of my eye :
Dearest, take a good care of yourself okay?
Have fun there, I know you really want to be there,
Thanks for look up on Lambert for me, I love it !
I will be on the line every-night, as u ask for,
okay Dear ?
Yeah, still , I'm totally gonna miss you damn much :D
I L Y !

For budak sepet :
Hey , you are fabulous !
Keep on wearing that glasses, you look stunning okay ?
Smart , I'm not lying, trust me :]

For best-friends:
I don't know why lately we all move on with our own life,
I miss you guys okay?
do text me / call me, whenever okay ?

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