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26 January 2011

heyy everybody :D
okay homework xbuad langsung lagy ni, and tersangat la malas tahu ?
mendengar Adam Lambert je dary tady, haha
anyway, baru balek ni, dari kuar makan,
yumm ! sedap gila chicken chop,
haha, ayieda poyo !

okay sekarang ni kecoh kecoh nak pindah segala gaban,
okay totally sedih, but nothing can do kan?
orang laen sume buad muka sedih, takkan ku pon nak buad muka sedih,
mesti mereka mereka yang nak pergi tuh rasa kecewa frustfrust kan?
jadi, we need to be strong to make them stronger :D

okay now i wanna show you guys what happen in his everyday life,
see this picture below :)

in everyday of his life, this what he gets, always !
those words, it is totally harsh right?
who he sleep with, it always been a matter,
aww cumon ! get a life haters !
but he is wise, he just ignore it how ever :D
that makes us, Glamberts love him moree !

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