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Adam Lambert :D

Happy Birthday DOLL!
wish you totally great birthday,
i hope you read this
all i want is,
You know me :)

on my 15th birthday, 13 October 2010,
i would say you are my birthday present by the universe,
it so wonderful when i could say,
that night was the first time ever i heard you real well,
before that, i just heard your name,
but never bothered

and i totally regret it :(

adoring you were tough at first,
well, people keep denying it,
i really hate it !
no one around me that adore you like I am,
and some started to label me sumkind like doing a horrible thing :|

well, typical Malaysians,
you might remember how is it when you are doing your concert here,
with all that protest, huh -.-"

and I started thinking,
i'm a freak, i'm weird, i'm different
and almost try to forget you,
just because of those peeps,

but then i heard your amazing voice singing Aftermath
i was like "what the hell am i doing? people gonna talk forever"
i realize that it is my own right, to love or to hate any thing,

and now, when people deny you,
I might be mad for a while,
but then i just say that they never gonna know what i see in you,

i started to join twitter and
found that there are so many people just like me
adoring you !

I'm in the community,
that i can talk to, about you,
without feeling strange
and as a Malaysians and a high school students
it really improving my English at the same time,
haha :D

the glamberts are all super duper nice and sweet !

i am not that different actually in the aftermath

this wasn't an inspiring story,
but feeling alone, it wasn't a great thing,

but now, i get over those time :D

this is just a story, how i get to know Adam,
and how i get over it, that's it :)

i just hope you read it,
and know me, 
a sixteen years old girl in Malaysia,
named Ayieda :)

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