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30 January 2011

hye ! this post today, i wanna share photos (only), no stories, no main subjectives, just for fun photos :DD

if anyone ask me this question, this would be my answer : ]

Adam Mitchel Lambert :] idk how old is he when this picture taken,
but this is far away from he is now, 
this picture show he when he was still blonde and a chunky boy !
reminds me of Syafi Haiman personally :DD

taken on 27/12/2010
Siti Nur Aisyah, one and only adek (human) haha :DD
saje je nak tayang, sbb aq capture lawa laa :D

ahhh ! malu je aq buad kacaw dalam gambar ni ,
isn't it good if Saajidah pon ada dalam gambar nie :|

Raya 2009 :D

kunang kunangan 2RKiK

zaman xreti balek rumah lepas sekolah :DD

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