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14 March 2011

Accountant Muda :D

haha, okay hai everyone, today is the first day i start workin' , an yes! in my mum's company, well is it hard? its depends on my pay, if i got a high pay means a lot of work to do , so it wasn't that hard to be honest , much easier than school's account subject, well js :p

13 March 2011 - 4 kenduri kahwin saya attend, whoaaa :O gila banyak gua makan nasi minyak orang, haha, agaklaa, amek siket je kott satu satu rumah, takkan nak makan pinggan penuh , hehe pergi Balau Bay sekejap, amek angin :D ade la siket gambar, tunggu next post je la ea?

12 March 2011 -  Happy Birthday Muhd Hafizzudin :) takde takde, takde gambar laa, korang takyah mintak mintak, lempang jugakk !


Hanis :] said...

ala nak tengok :\

AYIEDA hotaru said...

aha ! nak tengok apa kaw?