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10 March 2011

Birthday aku? Takpelaa, takpayah ingat laa, tak penting :'|

Do read it, not forcing :)

er actually, agar kecik hati bila kaw orang tak engat apa pon pasal aq,
well yeah! The easiest number phone on earth, my birthdate, 
but what can I say bout that, it's not a big deal kan? 

 Then I think again, as you guys not even bothered to remember my phone number, my birthdate, 
then I been thinking bout keeping it private :) 
I mean I cant make it private like delete my phone number from ur phone or stuffs like that, 
I figured something like, won't make contacts with you guys through the phone, 
only by internets social network. 

and speaking of social network, I already done make my birth date private on facebook! 
ngee :) 
and few changes will be make in this blog, 
and also changing the link maybe? :) 
 Well of course what's in the pass I'm not gonna change! 
Like a post about my birthday bash last year. 
I'm not going to remove it. It will be your search point later, 
if only you search bout it laa! 

 Ahaa! So guys, start search much more bout me before every things gone :D

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