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23 April 2011

Muka sembab, mata merah, kenapa?
banyak sebab, bukan sebab apa yang penting,
tapi bagaimana nak hapuskannya tahu ?

maaf, tapi saya rasa saya betul betul serious dalam hal ini sekarang : |

baru edit :3 kelakar lahh
mata saya semakin sembab kah?
tahu tak dari semalam orang tegur, muka saya macam tiada semangat -.-"
awak ni tak nampak kah betapa girang nya saya di sekolah
( kecuali masa Chemistry :P )


so now ! it's Lambert time !
hahahaha XD,
er bout the last few days, i'm not on the line,
i mean, i do but not as ussual i do,
* Glambert do *
but then i found out that we got new Adam now !

Adam Beardbert 

i got instant like and a little dislike ( i'm sorry Adam !! :{ ) from few photos,
totally for me, Adam looks matured and kinda okay with his real age,
he's 29 guys ! without those beard, he looks young!
much younger than his own Real-Age
( i dont know if that is a bad thing :| )

and Adam really likes his new look i guess,
so not much to say bout that.

everybody got their own touch on everything,
but we can't change thing which is not ours
( yeah, Adam is not anybody's except for his boo )
and now we gotta accept the fact,
Adam gonna keep that beard for now,
and we should happy for him,
because he's happy :D

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